What Horror Film Nasty Are You?

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Every good horror hound has their favorite creature that has lived up on the silver scream... er, screen. But, what if it was actually YOU up there? What if you were the living monstrosity bringing terror into the audience's lives?

By just answering these 13 simple questions, you will find out exactly what type of horror nasty you would be in a murderous midnight matinee... do you dare? Can you handle the reveal of your true face?

Created by: Brian J. Brady

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  1. How often do you eat red meat?
  2. Which selection is closest to the times of day you are sleeping?
  3. What type of confidence do you have in your decision making?
  4. If someone stole a DVD from your collection, how would you handle it?
  5. How long do you hold grudges?
  6. What role do you take on when guests come over?
  7. How often do you shower?
  8. How well do you tell jokes?
  9. What type of music do you most enjoy listening to?
  10. Out of these choices, who is your favorite actor?
  11. What 2-month combo is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: What Horror Film Nasty am I?