Who's from the Nasty???

Do you live in the Nasty??? Have you heard of the Nasty??? fill out this quiz and see how nasty you really are!!!!! Saginaw, Michigan. Take the quiz to find out if Sag-nasty is in your blood.

Do you think you know Saginaw better than everyone else? Lets see!! Saginaw, Michigan. Do you know your Nasty??? Take the quiz to find out if Sag-nasty is in your blood.

Created by: Nikko

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  1. What restaurant was connected to Genesse Market back in the day?
  2. What athletes originate from Sag-Nasty???
  3. What Middle School did you go to???
  4. What was the Dow Event Center called back in tha day???
  5. What side of the Nasty did you grow up in???
  6. What did the Governor try to change Sag-Nasty's name to?
  7. What's the street to go Rollin' on???
  8. What was Genesse Market's name back in tha day???
  9. What's considered the Projects of Saginaw???
  10. Saginaw is ranked what number for the Most Dangerous Cities in America for it's population???
  11. What year was the nasty founded???
  12. What Recording Artist claims Sag-Nasty???

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