The Story Continues - Epilogue

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This is the last part of the story continues, so, I hope you like it. I will do a quick sequel also, and at the end, after you submit it, it will tell you in the results what it's called.

Shoutouts: Shoutouts go to Ericat, for reading, and commenting on some, Weirdhead, for reading and commenting on all, and ghettobabe4ever, for reading and commenting on all. Without these girls, Story of my Life wouldn't have existed!

Created by: Houndlover

  1. I sighed when I looked at myself in the mirror. "Why are you sighing Map?" asked Kate. "Well-" I started but then Angelica cut me off. "Maple, your wedding is going to be perfect ok, Ditz." I smiled. Ditz was my nickname for Angelica.
  2. When I was finished, before I had to go out, Kate and Angelica pulled me into a hug. In a moment, Maddie, Carly, and Abigail joined in. It was a shame that Christie couldn't come (It's your own fault Ericat! xD)
  3. ***2 hours later*** Me and Henry sat on the couch watching the new season of My Little Pony. Yes, that's right. Grown-ups watch that too!
  4. ***2 months later*** I took a deep breath. This was it. "Henry," "Yes, babe?" "I'm, um, you know..." "Wait, you are?" I nodded. Henry ran over to me and spun me around in circles.
  5. ***12 months later*** Me and Henry look at our beautiful baby girl in my arms. "What are you going to name her?" the nurse asks.
  6. "Twilight Sparkle!" Henry says at the same time I say "Isabella Alexis Reed." I pass Isabell (Henry: coughs) I mean Twilight Sparkle, to the nurse.
  7. I quickly slap Henry. "It's Isabella Henry!" Henry sighs, while smiling. "Fine."
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