The Story Continues - Part 1

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So, this is part 1 of my series The Story Continues. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE PROLOGUE, PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS QUIZ UNTIL YOU DO...So, now I assume you've read it, so umm, thank you.

As always, I'd like to thank Weirdhead for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and ghettobabe4ever for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and inspiring me. And thanks to Ericat, for reading and commenting, thank you all.

Created by: Houndlover

  1. *MORNING* ***Maple*** As our dragons' feet touched the ground, an emotion came over me. Excitement? Sadness? Joy? Loss? All of those.
  2. I watched from the back of Safire, as Henry jumped off Beryl, and ran over to me. I smiled to myself as he offered his hand and I gladly took it.
  3. As Henry helped me to the ground, I proudly looked around at our new home. Even though we weren't married, if we did get married, we would live in the palace where Carly used to live. Carly stepped down from the role of the guardian, and went to go get married. Now I would be the new guardian when I got married. If I got married.
  4. We sometimes got visits from Angelica, and her husband, or Christie, or Carly. Sometimes even Maddie. Lexi came to live with me in the palace, and we had chats every day.
  5. Of course, none of that actually happened, because I wasn't married. "Maple," "Yes Henry?" "Would you meet me in the gazebo tonight at 7:00?" "Sure," I whispered into his ear as he held me in his arms.
  6. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes, wondering what my future might have. "Henry, be honest with me," "I always am, to you," he says. I smile inside.
  7. I kept looking into his blue eyes. Finally, I said, "Do you love me? Like really love me?" "What ever made you think I didn't?" "Well -" I started, but was cut off by him pressing his lips to mine. Relaxing, I kissed back, wanting to stay that way forever.
  8. As Henry pulled away, he said, "I love you with all my heart Maple, and I always will. Don't you dare ever think I don't." I nodded, tears of happiness coming into my eyes.
  9. "Now meet me at 7:00 in the gazebo tonight," he said as he pulled away. He climbed up a tower and jumped off. "Henry!" I screamed, as he plummeted down to the ground to meet his doom.
  10. When he was 30 feet above the ground, just 2 seconds from dying, Beryl swopped under him, Henry landing on Beryl's back and grinned at me as my face turned back to normal. "I love you Maple," I could just hear over the wind.
  11. "Wait, don't step there!" Maple cried. *Continues walking* *feels ground come out from under you* "Well, I hope you're happy. Now you're hanging from a cliff." *Watches as Maple walks toward the palace*

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