The Story Continues - Part 2

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So, this is part two of The Story Continues, so I hope you like it. It might not be that good, I'm hungary and didn't sleep much, and I just made 3 quizzes in a row.

As always, I'd like to thank Weirdhead for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and ghettobabe4ever for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and inspiring me. And thanks to Ericat, for reading and commenting, thank you all.

Created by: Houndlover

  1. *EVENING* I was in my room, in the palace, choosing a cute dress. I finally choose and off the shoulders, right above the knees, white dress that had gold polkadots.
  2. Once I was in it, I chose silver high heels and put those on. I brushed my turquoise hair, and clipped my long bangs to the side. I put on some gold eye shadow, and looked at myself in the mirror. My violet eyes stared back. I smiled.
  3. I walked outside to the gazebo. When I got there, there was a table set up, with two chairs and a candle. On the table was my favorite foods. Waiting for me by the table, was Henry, in a clean, black suite. He smiled and took my hand as we walked up the steps.
  4. As I sat in a chair, Henry scooted me in. Then we started eating and talking. "This place looks amazing!" I said. "You look even more amazing," he replied with a smile. I blushed.
  5. The evening few by as we talked and talked. "Would you like to go for a midnight ride?" Henry asked. "Of course," I replied smiling. Henry blew on his whistle.
  6. Safire and Beryl landed. Safire had a beautiful saddle on her, and was draped in pearls and diamonds. Henry sure worked hard...
  7. When we landed outside the gazebo, Henry took me out into the moonlight.
  8. We stoped right under the moon. Henry looked into my eyes, as his hand went slowly to his pocket.
  9. He knelt with one knee on the ground, still looking into my eyes. He pulled a case out of his pocket. He opened it, and inside was a ring with a blue diamond. "Maple," He says. "Will you marry me?"
  10. ***You're hanging from a cliff again. Why don't you just listen to Maple?***

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