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This is my third quiz in twenty four hours! I'm feeling really proud because my gotoquiz genes are starting back to be normal. Now, whenever I'm not studying, I'll be on Gotoquiz and Hotmail. :)

Anyone who wants to email me can email me at hallo_night@hotmail(.)com without the parenthesis and no spaces. Everything is going back to the way it was right? I wish it was because I loved how crazy everyone was x

Created by: Aria

  1. Welcome to my shout out quiz x
  2. HogwartsLove: Girl, I'm serious, you need to write part seventeen or part sixteen and a half. I always adored the way you spelt out the numbers and not just write "Pt. 1" like everyone else. Once, I was at my friend's party, and I logged on to see if you updated and you did so I took her laptop and went in room, and read your quiz. She got angry with me and we never spoke again, but that's alright because she never liked me anyway. HL, I'm still shocked that you were on Gotoquiz yesterday. It was such a family reunion. All we missed is Nat. Gah, I miss her so much from Gotoquiz. I hear she's on some new site, updating there. Oh and TheRecklessBam should have been there. HL, you still have to make Oliver propose. Do you understand how long I've been waiting for him to propose? No rush, by the way ;) Okay, maybe a little rush but that's only because you're one of the most mind-blowing writers Gotoquiz has seen. You're just too incredible for words.
  3. Natuhleegayle: I don't know if you'll be on to read this, but just know that the magic you write Hogwarts Love Story with, will forever be remembered. I remembered you saying Happy Halloween like it was yesterday or you replying to my comment when there were so much others commenting on your quiz. You never failed to make us happy. You overjoyed us with your writing and your magical personality. I remember reading "Keep Calm and Read On" but when you said you don't think you'll go anywhere with it, I chose to move on, it was such a huge transition for us as well when you said you're letting someone else take over Hogwarts Love Story. Yeah, it'll be the same story but not the same writer. No one had the ideas like you. I remembered the crystallised rose and Draco's diary like I can see it still. I miss you saying your catchphrase "Stay Magical x" and you helping me make my first quiz. You told me it would come along wonderful but I didn't believe you. Now, I just think I have a slight sense of hope for it. Honestly, I miss you a lot, because you were the first ever person I talked to on Gotoquiz and I'll never forget ya :)
  4. Missy Prissy Cat- Last night was like a family reunion wasn't it? I can seriously say, there's no one else in the other sites that are like you. No one has got your sense of smartness. Your long comments on Calisto made everyone realise how much attention he deserved. You talked about him as he was real. We need to have a Calisto day on Gotoquiz and a Life Between Magic and Boys day. I'll look up when the first one was published and make it an annual thing to celebrate it. What do ya think? Is it a good idea? Last night, I started dancing with my baby cousin and it was so adorable cuz she's only a year and five months. At least she can screw the light bulb and pat the dog. You should make Remember the Future into a book. It'll be awesome, it'll sell out in twelve minutes, 200,000 copies a millisecond.  You deserve a sight for your crazy smartness or a station on the radio. You deserve a lot, just for being you. I love how you're always outspoken and always reasonable with a person, no matter how dull they are. You never short-tempered and your love for Phineas and Ferb is my love for J.K. Rowling! Ahhh....I love J.K. Rowling. Do you know of her new book "˜The Casual Vacancy.'?
  5. TheRecklessBam- I remember when you dedicated a quiz to me. I was the happiest person in the world. Chocolate and twix couldn't even make me happier than I was. It was like a dream come true. You know that I'm not only your number one fan but I'm also your sister, your potato, your pet. I'll be there if you need anything because you were there with me through hard times. I miss talking to you on Hotmail and how we constantly emailed each other. I even babbled about you in school to my teachers when we had a free period. They asked me if we were related and I told them we were sisters from another mother. Gah, this is making me teary-eyed. Without you and your quizzes, I dunno what I'll do. I know I haven't been able to read Teenage Chronicle but I will, next week because this weekend I have to study for Geography, Physics, History, Spanish, Chemistry, Biology and History exams. Yeah, I'm always studying History and Geography. I need to, it's just so much to read. Haha, TRB I miss our crazy times and I hope we can have more of those in the future.
  6. xxblutixx- we never got distant. I always spammed you with emails when I needed help with something and was always ready to read an essay. I even printed out the essays your wrote to me so it won't ever be deleted. I remember you always telling me that we like the shiny future. I will never forget when you started to write "˜SAS, A History.' (Sister Across the Seas). You and Maria were the two people who were always on and I'm sorry when I was being all dull with you both. I can't even remember what happened to me at that time. Maybe I had been weirded out by myself or something. I can't ever explain how forever grateful I am to you and thank you will never be enough
  7. WTF_NINJA: Gah, my pumpkin! Yes people, she's my pumpkin. I told everyone how weird we act already, didn't I? So, I don't have to explain anything again. Ninja, let's just hope you'll get to come next year, either in December or August vacation. I will never forget the time you said if anyone harassed me, you'll go all ninja on their asses. If we do meet, it'll certainly be more awesome than meeting One Direction. I'd seriously fangirl on you because it'll be unexplainable right now. You're my amazing pumpkin and btw, to everyone in my family, I call you Rachel because of the incident that happened.
  8. Calypso1315- Don't think I forgot about you. I can never forget about you. Whenever we emailed, I always used to call you 'Cal' instead of your name because I was either too lazy or just got accustomed into calling you that. I love your series and I still can't find the words to tell you something about a guy you used to talk to. Remember Luke? He erm....well just ask Ninja, she'll tell you. It's too much for me to say right now. Cal, if you were there yesterday, the family reunion would have been just right. Gah....I missed ya so much. Ou, I talked to Bookworm123 yesterday. She told me her parents banned her from Gotoquiz. My brother and mother banned me too but I don't give away food (idgaf) Get it? I hope so....haha. Well this was just a little shout out to you x
  9. singin234- Vas happenin sis? I missed you giving me the sweetest comment ever, making me cry. You went through so much and yet you're still strong. I still pray for you, keeping you in my heart. You were so bubbly and still are. Yesterday you posted up a new story "Forgot to cry..." and this morning I read it. I always love your writing and how many series you have. You always finish every series, not forgetting about any of them. I haven't had time to work on my series but I love my characters. Haha, that sounded weird didn't it? My favourite series out of all the series I wrote is "Mysterious & Unexpected Events." singin234, you're amazing just the way you are and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  10. There are so much other people I would like to add shout outs to but the words will never be enough. I wish I can meet each and everyone of you who hass been with me right from the start. I'm not going to say "in real life" because this IS real life, isn't it? Unless we're in some kind of super cool game I don't know about. I'd like to meet all of you in person because it'd be an amazing thing. I can see how crazy our Gotoquiz family is and how we stick together throughout everything. I love you all a lot x

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