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Hello, and welcome to my first shout out quiz, Blue's Shout Out Quiz! It my first, so I hope you like it and I hadn't forgotten you... Thanks for choosing me!

Anyway, these are all of the users/ my friends that I can remember. Sorry if I skipped you... Trust me, it was an accident, not on purpose, okay? Please enjoy.

Created by: blue_skies13

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  1. Vinny autophobia: Kind, sweet, and shy, you are one of my very best friends on GTQ.
  2. almanac2kc: Zac, you're so friendly! Seems only like yesterday when you first greeted me to GoToQuiz...
  3. Hiccstrid: Hicc, your obsession doesn't bother me or ever has. I find it so unique, and it makes you, you! Don't worry what anybody thinks of you!
  4. sad_kitteh: You. Are. HILARIOUS!
  5. sademogirl: You have helped me out and around more times then I can count.
  6. Shadow hegehog: I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but... You are not a real hedgehog.
  7. Dark22978: I am not lying when I tell you that you are the most incredible moderator in all of GTQ.
  8. Choc_Cookie: I love your cookies.
  9. autobotmedic: I'm sorry your account got hacked, and I know you don't come on anymore, but I want you to know how special you are.
  10. Knight: I don't know you very well yet, and I'm sorry for accusing you for things you have not done.

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