Shout out quiz #3!

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There are a lot of people in gotoquiz, and some of them are my friends. So today I will be making a shout out to my friends. Comment! Rate! Questions! Advice! Compliments! Anti-Compliments!

I hope you have fun while taking this quiz. I know, there is nothing for you to press or anything, but you, I hope you have fun while taking this quiz!

Created by: ilovekittens

  1. First is....ilovepuppys/leah!! :D I really like hanging out with you :)
  2. Second is Gracious! You are very nice to me and I appreciate that! :)
  3. Third is UnLoving! You are rally funny! :)
  4. Next is ICEE CHILL. You are really funny and friendly :)
  5. Next is JohnLennonFan! You are really nice and fun :)
  6. Sonic_x. I enjoy calling you Miley Cyrus!
  7. HappyPuppy! You are sweet and fun! :)
  8. SG115. I love talking to you. You are always fun and nice :)
  9. Sim/DoNotDisturb. You are really funny and nice :)
  10. RainInTheShadows! You are always nice and sweet and funny :)
  11. Br0wnieBunny: You are very nice and sweet :)

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