Shout out quiz

There are many people on Gotoquiz that are my friends. A lot of people on here are ones that I rarely talk to so this is dedicated to them. Enjoy the quiz.

A lot of you will be featured in the last question. This is because I get to speak to you more often and I know you more. The others I don't know as much.

Created by: Sphinx

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  1. This is a shout out quiz dedicated to people who I don't normally talk to.
  2. Le1F you are a cool person and nice to have around
  3. Dark22978 you've helped me when I've had a problem and you are a helpful moderator
  4. 1714, or AP, you have a nice personality and I like talking to you
  5. HoneySenpai_ or Ghetto or Nicholas, you are a great friend and I like talking to you :)
  6. Therealminime or Mini, you are also a nice friend.
  7. A shout out to ICEE CHILL for being chill and happy :D
  8. Kish, you have a lot of quizzes I enjoy taking them!
  9. Paige and Lyle, this shoutout is for both of you. You are both very good friends with me.
  10. Shout out to Masky who I hope comes on more often!
  11. Funniebunnie01, you are a good friend, and I enjoyed talking to you
  12. Rvelez, I enjoy talking to you you are a good friend.
  13. Shout out to all of my friends including Kaden, Maddie, Dream, Crystal, Scarlett, Brian, Kait, Cody, Josh, Alex, Jinx, Gom, The Geek, Maru and many more!

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