The Shout-outs 2

This is my second shout out quiz. I have tried to show up everybody's name who are my friends. If I forgot your name, please forgive me about it and tell me about that.

Take this quiz to find out if your name is here or not. Chances are there, your name maybe here. The last line of this quiz might containg your name.

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. Tisjellypenguin. The first shout out goes to you. I have not talked to you much, but only once or twice. And whenever I talk to you, you respond to me in a positive way. Thank you for that kindness.
  2. Sademogirl. The second shout-out goes to you. You are super cool friend of mine. You have always talked me in a kind way plus you are the friend in real life of my friend's crush. XP
  3. Jinx Blackclaw. The third shout-out goes to you. You are cool, popular and whatnot. You're amazing also and kind, too.
  4. 1714. The fourth shout-out goes to you. You think yourself as something negative, but you ain't. I have actually not talked to you but whenever I post, you reply to me with a positive attitude.
  5. Brian. Deeznutz. The fifth shout-out goes to you. When I first met you were like, I don't have any word, but it's positive. You're also kind to me.
  6. Zaxx. My sixth shout-out goes to you. I have not talked to you, but once I stalked. You're my favourite character, Jake the dog.
  7. I am cool. My seventh shout-out goes to you. You are my best friend on GoTo Quiz. Although you're number seven, you are as important to me as others. I like your personality and behaviour, even if you're little nerd.
  8. Rex. My eigth shout-out goes to you. I have not talked to you much but still I know that you're cool.
  9. Sphinx. My ninth shout-out goes to you. You are cool, friendly, kind, and have a good grammar. You have new ideas and are a very calm person.
  10. Ilovelions. You are my tenth and last shout-out. Once we have fought and you have been rude to me. But now I think we are good friends. I hope we are. I guess you are not as rude as I have heard. You are cool!
  11. This is a collective shout-out. Andrew, Athena, Blitz, Crystal, Dream, Emma, Justice, Katherine, Nakiyah, Natalya, Nazifur, Raj, Rose. You guys are really cool friends of mine. You were always with me. I am happy to have so good friends like you. And, Resy Test, please upgrade your account so that we can chat on the forums.

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