Shout Outs! cx

This part is unimportant. I'm just shouting out to the people that matter to me. You might be here, you might not. Just read the mfing shout outs, god.

For real, read the freaking shout outs. This is the least important thing of the freaking quiz. You're seriously wasting your time reading this. You stubborn idjit you.

Created by: Saratheamaze

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  1. Alrighty..So these are merely the people I could think of. Don't be offended if I don't mention you, alright? Cx
  2. The first shout out goes to SG. You're such a nice, peace keeper. And I truly believe you're the mama of GTQ! :D You're so compassionate and loving~
  3. The next shout out goes to Jae! You're one of the prettiest, most compassionate people I've ever known! I love talking to you, and you're pure in the most perfect way. There isn't a day where you don't cross my mind.
  4. The next shout out goes to honey! We hardly talk, and we should really talk more. You're funny and amazing. You're one of my favorite people to talk to on here. Really.
  5. The next shout out goes to Ann (funnie bunnie) We haven't talked in forever, and I miss you so much. Your music taste is perfect, your an amazing writer, and you're so much fun to talk to. You're so caring and forgiving.
  6. This shout out goes to Wolfie (WolfLove). You're such do I put this..awkward? Human being? No, you're exceptionally humorous and I just love the voice you put into your words. You're full of color, and your character is truly one unable to be replicated. Not to mention you're extremely talented.
  7. The next shout out goes to Eva (UnLoving) Not only are you beautiful, but you're funny and very friendly. You're supportive to the people you know, and very social. You're a very loving person, and I like that about you.
  8. This one goes to Leah (Ilovepuppies) You're so spunky and happy, and unique! You're not afraid to be yourself, and I admire you. Your music taste is perfect, your personality is adorable, and your face is so kawaii :D I just want a pocket sized you to shove in my pocket aslfdabjheshgfal
  9. This shout out goes to ICEE. We hardly talk. It makes me sad because you're so calm, but at the same time very energetic and happy. You're nice to- what seems to be- everyone, and I admire that.
  10. This last shout out goes to Sade. You started out as a stubborn, confused noob that I could make fun of. And now you're mature and relatively respected! You go! I really honor that!
  11. Well..That concludes my shout outs. Thanks for reading cx I'm sorry if you weren't mentioned. Were you mentioned?

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