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Hello user! I am Nicolas, a stupid weeb who loves his friends. I spend my time on the GTQ forums because it's like the home I've always wanted. (/*O*)/

Too much writing.. I can't do this anymore or I'll rip my arms off and use them as propellers.. /cries NO MORE WRITINGGGGG.. PLEASE. THIS IS TORTURE- Hey! Why are you still here? Go take the dang quiz, ayah! (|o_o|)

Created by: Ghetto
  1. First shout-out goes to.. Dark! You're such a lovable little dweeb. I'm fortunate to have met you. I hope we can one day ride off into the sunset on pink, fluffy unicorns!
  2. Second shout-out goes to.. Heph! Thank you so much for being there for me. You've treated me like your own child, which I thank you, again, for. /getting emotional ;-;
  3. Third shout-out goes to.. Seth! You're strong, inspirational and kind. Y'know, I actually look up to you. You've helped me through a lot.
  4. Fourth shout-out goes to.. Eve, Jesse and Kait! Ah, my darling GTQ children. You guys are filled with jokes and are total goofballs, which makes you more lovable. I love you!
  5. Fifth shout-out goes to.. Pine! I'm sorry, but this lovable, mango-touching dweeb had to be included. You're the life of the party whenever you're on. We can crack jokes about you and you'd be laughing with us. Stay cool, my friend.
  6. Sixth shout-out goes to.. Madison! My fellow Dangan Ronpa fan and aspiring artist. You're quirky and weird (in a good way), but when it comes to your friends, you're protective and loyal.
  7. My seventh shout-out goes to.. Jinx! You're such a sweetheart. I admire how you care deeply for your friends.
  8. My eigth, and last, but not least, shout-out goes to.. Drew! Even though we have a rivalry, I care about you. I sometimes wish I could be you because I feel like garbage when compared to you. You're talented and know how to put up one hell of an argument.
  9. Thanks for taking this!
  10. Bye!

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