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This is a quiz to thank some pretty amazing people/friends and I feel they really diserve it thank you guys for everything I could never repay you for it

As I said in the paragraph above this one. This is a quiz to thank some pretty special people that have really changed my life for the better thank you guys

Created by: mcqueen

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  1. Deathstar321 your such an amazing friend and such a kind person im so lucky to know you
  2. LoneShadowWolf your such a sweet person your like a sister to me and I love talking to you
  3. MyEternalRage (sarah) you really know how to brighten up peoples day
  4. Rainintheshadows (faith) your my second favorite faith I injoy the talks we have and hope we can have them more often
  5. Xxblutixx (tiana) your an amazing writer and I hope to get more emails from you
  6. WTF_NINJA (maria) your like my twin and when we talk we pick craziest topics
  7. Dragon ember your my best friend you always have my back and I have yours
  8. Izme (alexys) your one heck of a charater and I love that about you
  9. Rvelez (rose) you just like your name you bring color into peoples day
  10. Sugercube (brandilynn) you give everyone a suger rush when you come on
  11. Sweetbunny480 (nanie) I love your energy you draw a crowd the minute you come on
  12. LightningTread you really make my day with your emails
  13. BrowniesBunny (madison) your a great virtual sister and you know how to cheer me up when im down
  14. Weaux (troy) your fun to talk to and you keep me entertained
  15. SG115 your a great friend and I look forword to talking to you more
  16. Ruri ayasegawa your just pure awesome and you know how to make my smile

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