Hilarious Gotoquiz Conversations part 1

I made this quiz with a group of writers so yay! I made it with my friend Alycia and my friend Jasmine so shout out to them!! Mai Paige and Chloe! Love ya!

So this is series about 3 girls Paige, Chloe, and Hope. They're best friends and pretty much they're going through everything together...even those awks moments.

Created by: LovelyTeenWriter

  1. Hope's POV: Hellur! I'm Hope Esmee and your watching Disney Channel! Okaii you aren't watching Disney Channel just to make this clear, your watching a crazy 16 year old girl singing into a toothbrush in front of her mirror. I'm Hope known as the weirdest chick in school but in my defense it's hard being this weird..ANYWAYS...I'm a Sophomore that goes to the worst school ever "The Hardship Academy" breaking girls dreams since 1922. In my defense my mom picked this school to RUIN MY LIFE!! Anyways my morning routine? WAS BRUSH YOUR TEETH. WASH YOUR FACE. FIX DA HAIR. AND KISS DA POSTER OF ZAYN MALIK HUNGED UP IN MY ROOM. I ran downstairs as soon as I was done with my routine and looked at my big sister Lyla. "Can you run down to your little friends house rug rat, I'm inviting Nilah over so beat it!" She screamed at me as I sat down. "Ugh pain in the butt" I murmured walking out the door quietly.
  2. Chloe POV: "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me doncha?" sings in a crazy melody. AAAAAAAAAH STRANGER DANGER!! Oh its just you. Anywhur hiya! I'm Chloe and you've just entered the random train choo-choo! Okay I really need to stop hanging with Hope...anyways I'm Chloe Sanchez (yes I'm Hispanic don't laugh) and I'm a sophomore! I'm in advanced classes and my IQ is fantastic! Right now I'm in my room watching Disney Channel like a 10-year-old...and worst I'm watching Sofia The First DON'T JUDGE ME! "Sofia really does change lives" I whined watching her teach the witch not to hex. "Chloe are you watching Disney Junior again?" My 6 year old sister asked me from the kitchen. (I was in the living room) "What? Psssh no!" I lied instantly turning the tv off. Yep, I'm that awkward cx
  3. Paige POV: "THIS GIRL IS ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRREEEEE!" I singed jumping up and down on my bed. Worst part of me singing horribly while jumping up and down on my bed? My brother was VIDEO TAPING IT. "Your a REALLY good singer Paige!!" My brother laughed snickering with his best friend at the door. (His best friend is my crush which made everything way worse) What was even worse? He had a camera. VIDEO TAPING MOI! "JASON! LUKE!WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!" I screamed at them landing straight on my head when I jumped off my bed. "Ouch!" I screamed as I felt the pain surge through my head. Luke rushed over to me and said "Are you okay?!" And ofcourse Jason was STILL videotaping me. "Worst. Day. Ever." I cried covering up my face.
  4. What I was thinking? I just lost my chance of getting the HOTTEST boy in my school. "This is soooo going on YouTube..." My brother laughed shutting iff his camera. Before I could protest...somebody was at the door. "Saved by the bell..." I muttered to myself running downstairs. And ofcourse Jason beat me to the door. "Hey it's Hope! Hey Hope" he smiled at her once he opened the door. (Him and Hope had a huge crush on each other) "Hey Jason! Nice to see you again." She smiled at him warmly. Ugh. It made me want to puke at the sight of that....
  5. "Hope!" I yelled running down the stairs. She reached me first and gave me a huge bear hug. "Ya no, sometimes I'd which you'd have one of does dumb blonde moments..." Hope laughed pointing at my blonde hair. I frowned and let my blue eyes twinkle. "C'mon. Jealous brunette lets go!" I smiled running up to my room. And then again Hope reached my room. "I swear your room gets better every time I see it!" She laughed, her green eyes twinkling. "You were just over here last week!" You responded sitting down on your bed. Hope NEVER changes...literally.
  6. Hope's POV: Me and Cloe started talking for like what...2 hours? Oh well does it reall matter. See no it doesn't. Then we hear a knock on her bedroom window. "Oh crap Cloe its a vampire knocking on your window" I said as soon as I saw the pale girl at the window. Paige gave me the "so not true" look and opened her window. And of course it's Paige crazy self not using the door. "Paige I thought we were going to have to shoot you! But it turnt out it wasn't a vampire..." I cried laying my head on the bed. Paige was my best friend and crazy vampire chick. For real. Think of Bella from Twilight. She looks EXACTLY like her with the black hair, pale skin, and chestnut brown eyes.
  7. "That's nice you were planning to SHOOT ME!" Paige yelled at me. Chloe looked at me like I was crazy. Which isn't a suprise. I AM crazy. Last time I went to a Bieber concert with these people..I climbed on stage and asked Justin to kiss me. Weird thing was...he did it. Then he told everyone it was apart of the concert. Which was a complete lie. "Hopey! I've missed your randomness!" Paige exclaimed hugging me. "Sure you did!" I replied hugging back. "I'm soooo tired guys imma hit the hay!" Chloe yelled climbing in her bed. "But were not in a farm..." I whispered to her. She glared at me and said," Goodnight Hope!". Well then. I climbed on the mattress on the floor and threw covers on myself. "G'd night barn girl good night Paigey!" I exclaimed going to bed.
  8. Paige POV: While Hope and Cloe were asleep I crept downstairs to see what were going on with the boys. Jason and Luke were playing video games, the usual. And Isaac was sitting down reading a book. He was so amazing and awesome and charming and you get the message. I smiled a little at him..(even tho he couldn't see me) and crept back upstairs into Chloe's room.
  9. ★Cliffhanger.....★
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