Drop of Secrets (13)

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Sorry I took long on making the next part! I am always busy with other things. Like playing violin, doing homework, doing other quizzes, and other stuff like that. Enjoy!

I hope you like this next part. Worked pretty hard on this one! Comment! Rate! Compliments! Advice! Negatives! Whatever you wanna do, it's all on you.

Created by: ilovekittens
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  1. This is what happened in the last part. Skip if you already read it!
  2. "Thanks, but I don't need your help. I can save myself." "By using your powers?" Drake walks slowly towards me but I stay there. "Look...I don't know where all of the 'power stuff' and all of the 'pushing someone using force' stuff. I don't know." He continues to walk towards me and I walk back. "Your lying." Drake says. I try to walk away from him but then he pushes me to the wall and blocks me with his hands. He gets close to me but I don't move a single muscle. My face turns serious as he gets closer. "I know who you are."
  3. "Well I don't want to hear it." I push him away from me and walk away, but I could feel Drake touching my arm, pulling me back. "It's growing." "What is?" I look at my arm and see the vine up to my shoulder again. "Why do you even care? Why can't you leave me alone?" "I am trying to help you." "And this is how you help me? You were the one that got me into all of this trouble. Now let-" Drake lets go of my arm and covers his arm with his hand. I can see red climbing up to his arm. It looks like fire inside his skin. Is that...Fire? I look at my arm and see nothing red. Nothing changing. Drake walks outside with anger in his eyes. I watch him open the door with his other arm and walks away. Where is he going?
  4. I open the door to outside and look at the direction Drake was going. He's gone. Oh no. Is he going to tell the police? I don't want grandpa to be mad. I run outside in search for Drake. I look at the ground and see orange footprints. I follow it and see Drake sitting by a tree far away from the school. I walk to him and make sure I don't lose him. The more I walk the more I feel like I want to run. I run to Drake and he doesn't look back to see who came over.
  5. I get to Drake and he looks at me with his dark, mysterious eyes. "What do you want? Go away." "What happened to your arm?" I ask as I sit by him. He stands up and walks farther away from me, but I follow him. "Why does this keep happening? Are you the one that did this?" He sits down beside another tree and answers "No. Now go away." I see blood dripping from his arm, and orange rising up to his shoulders. "Then...how..." "Stop lying and get away from me. We can talk later." Drake looks down to his arm and tries to cover up the blood flowing from his skin. "Are you going to tell the police?" I ask Drake.
  6. "No. NOW CAN YOU PLEASE GO!?" I stand up and step away from him. I can hear Drake groaning under his breath. I want to apologize to him but I feel like he will start yelling again. I rip out a piece of cloth from my jacket and hand it to him. He looks at me then at the cloth, laying on my hand. His orange fingers touch mine as he grabs the cloth away from my hand. His fingers burned mine, which made it sting. I walk away from him but then hear Drake say something. "Ana." I look back at Drake and stop walking. "I'm sorry." I can tell from Drake's eyes that he feels helpless and terrible. "It's okay." I continue to walk away from him then hear another sound.
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