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This Is My First Shoutout Quiz. So This Will Be A Little Short. There Will Be Another One Next Month. The People Who Got Shoutouts May Or May Not Be In The Next One. It Will Depend If I Find Some New People Who Are Cool! Everyone Is Awesome Tho!

Please Make Sure To Rate, Share, And Comment! I'm Trying To Get To Junior Or At Least Senior. It Would Help Out A Lot! Don't Forget That You Are Awesome! And Have A Great Day Girl/Man!

Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Le Shoutouts Teehee
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  1. This Is A Shoutout Quiz. No Matter What Answer You Click, You Will Get 0%.
  2. First, I Would Like To Shoutout Sonic Tails Lf! You Have Been Taking My Quizzes Ever Since I Started And You Have Been Fun To Talk To!
  3. Next A Shoutout To JayFeather310 For Helping Me With Some Quiz Ideas! Man That Quiz Gained Traffic! You Are Awesome!
  4. Now A Shoutout To Derecho! *round of applause* You Seem Like A Really Cool And Chill Person! You Look Inspiring And You Are So Funny! Keep It Up Man!
  5. Next A Shoutout To My_Wolves! You Are An Awesome And Intelligent Guy/Girl And Seem Very Fun! I'm Still Working On The Prank War With Anasha! You Know How Hard It Is To Come Up With Pranks! But You Are Awesome!
  6. Now We Got A Shoutout To Tremendus! You Seem Like A Funny Dude That I Would Totally Get Along With! I Can't Online Chat With People To Much Tho. (Not Allowed To Free Chat) Although It's Great That You Like Mha! I LOVE MHA! You The Man!
  7. Okay, Now We Got A Shoutout For Accalia 123! Sonic Tails Lf Think's Great Of You And So Do I! You Seem Very Nice And Kind! And Pretty Funny Too! Let's Get A Round Of Applause For Accalia 123!
  8. That Was The Last Shoutout! Everyone Who Takes My Quizzes Are Awesome!
  9. I Have To Do 10 Questions Oof. Welp. TOTINOS PIZZA ROLLS YALL!
  10. BOI!

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