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Me: This is a quiz I made for my dear friend, Sonic Tails Lf (K) to tell her that she is the BEST and to let her know reasons why I think that!!!!!!!!

Me: Make sure to check out her quizzes and to talk to her in Forums if you can because she is REALLY funny and kind! Trust me! Give her LOVE in the comments!

Created by: Accalia 123
  1. Me: Sonic Tails Lf is AWESOME!
  2. Me: Sonic Tails Lf, your so nice, caring, loving, and your the funniest person I know!
  3. Me/K: I remember the first time we met! You were new to school and you were alone a lot and you missed home, but one day, I got the courage to go to you. At first, it was awkward, but later, we were comfortable!
  4. Me: We have been best friends ever since. Your a great friend, you make me laugh all the time and are a great pranker!
  5. Me: I enjoy recording you pranking, it's SO funny! I still got the recordings! XD
  6. Me: I also thank you for asking (BEGGING) me to go on here.
  7. Me: I know you always feel like your nothing and no one likes you, but I really care about you, that's why a lot of people like on you *Winks*
  8. Me: Thanks for always being there and helping me with my anxiety, you really help calm me.
  9. Me: Also, you really got me when you pranked me, I WILL NOT GET PRANKED AGAIN, THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME!
  10. Me: K, I really admire you. I admire that you be brave when needed and tell jerks off when needed.
  11. Me: I like how when you talk to mean people though, you don't fight them (Even though you know Martial Arts), you instead use your gift, humor. Wanna know the words that made my decision to be your friend?
  12. Me: The words that made me want to be your friend was when someone said "I HATE YOU!" to you, you told them "I hate me too, wanna be friends?"
  13. Me: The reason I liked when you said that was cause I knew your personality, your spunky, under bad times, you say funny things to make things better, you tell people off without using bad words or violence, and you don't care if people like who you are or not.
  14. Me: You have tried to harm yourself before and you feel depressed, but I don't want anything to happen to you because I love you! Your like my sister!
  15. Me: Also, my Chinchilla, Chilly says she loves you! If you want, I can let you babysit her again!
  16. Me: Also, I'm happy to have a friend like you to be a Sonic fangirl with! XD TBH doe, you remind me of Sonic, Silver, or Tails sometimes.
  17. Me: You also remind me of Chat Noir with your cat puns! XD
  18. Me: Your my Sonic, video game, music, drawing, writer partner!
  19. Me: Also, you and I are animal helping buddies! Everyone, give K (Sonic Tails Lf) some love, she supports Hope For Paws, she supports Foxy and the Hounds, Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, SaveaFox, Muchie's Place, and MORE! She loves the animal community! (All these rescues have YouTube Channels and Websites)
  20. Me: Also, everyone, make sure to check out Sonic Tails' Lf's account, she made a new quiz with a story! It's SO good, it's her latest quiz and the story is AMAZING! It made me cry! It's a sad but great survival story I LOVE! She's the BEST writer!
  21. Me: You are AWESOME, K! Don't EVER cut yourself short, hurt yourself, or think your nothing cause your AMAZING and everyone on GTQ LOVES YOU! You are my not only my friend, but my DREAM sister! That's all for today, au revoir!

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