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  • I Was Hacked.
    "Heading Out For Now."
  • I Was Hacked.
    "But Thanks For Being My Friend On Here Elly! I Owe You One."
  • I Was Hacked.
  • I Was Hacked.
    "Yea I Will Change My Password. And Since When Did This Become A Chat?? Like I Said Though, I Don't Have The Enthusiasm To Stay On Here, So Y..."
  • I Was Hacked.
    "Bye Guys. I Might be Back."
  • I Was Hacked.
    "So I Might Quit Gtq.. Im Sorry. I'm Tired."
  • I Was Hacked.
    "If You Have Taken The Quiz That "I" Made Called Are You In The Simp Gang? I Never Created That Quiz. On The Day That The Quiz Was Published,..."
  • The Flower Man
  • The Flower Man
    "Wow That Was Weird.."
  • The Flower Man
    "Hi! I'm Eri! And I Will Be Here For A While! Chandler Is Going To Nevada To Get Some Flowers!"
  • The Flower Man
    "Welcome To My Dead Thread With Barely Any Posts At All!"
  • The Flower Man
    "Yessir I Am Chandler. That's Tough. I'm Sorry. At School I Was Walking To The Bathroom, Then My Friend, (Who Was A Boy) Ran Up Behind Me. H..."
  • The Flower Man
  • The Flower Man
    "Oh Well You Sound Nice, And I Can Believe You Should Pass :)"
  • The Flower Man
    "I Just Like Memes. That's Why I Usually Say Funny Stuff And Change My Pfp To Funny Things."

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