Adventures With Friends! (Part 3)

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This Is A Silly Story. So Don't Mind What I Freaking Put In Here. Hehe I Am Very Weird. I Did Not Have A Good Day. Someone Call 420. And Help Me! Please!

Please Make Sure To Rate, Share, And Comment! It Would Help Out A Lot I Want To Get To Experienced Or At Least Senior And It Would Help Out A Lot! You Guys Are Awesome And Don't Forget It! Enjoy The Story!

Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Adventures With Friends! (Part 3)
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  1. Tremendus: Today Im Going To Show You How To Put This Meatloaf In The Oven Within 30 Short Minutes! [Later] I Burnt My Entire House To The Ground. So.
  2. Accalia: HELP! Elly: Wheres The Danger? Accalia: THERE! Me: Hi, Im Your Guidance Counselor And I’d Like To Talk To You About Your Plan For The Future! Elly: *runs off* NOPE!
  3. (In The Car) Derecho: Were Getting Pulled Over. Kaylah: Quick, Put These On. (Military Uniforms) Policeman: License And Rege- What The! Nobodys Here! Kaylah: *opens car door* Policeman: WHO OPENED THAT?! PHYSIC CAR! PHYSIC CAR!
  4. Me: Ok Here It Is! Elly: Shut Up. Me: What’d You Say?! Elly: I Need One Plane Ticket Please!
  5. Cinna: Im Not Like Other Girls. Im Not Even A Girl. Im A Pterodactyl. REEEEEEEEEEEE!
  6. Derecho: So I Come In My Room, And I See This Giant Plushie On My Bed. *plushie turns into tremendus* Tremendus: Wassup Dude! Derecho: AHHHHHHHH
  7. Kaylah: Im, HUNGRYYYYYYYYY!!!! Don’t You Eat Any Of My FOOOOODDDD!!!
  8. Cinna: How Was The Food? Elly: Oh It Was Great! Send My Compliments To The Chef! Cinna: Ok! Chef! Accalia: Yea? Cinna: You Have Beautiful Eyes! Accalia: *honored noises*
  9. Cinna: *grabs guitar* *runs up to me* *swings guitar* Me: Hold Up, Ima Stop You Right There. You Might Wanna Pick Them Dang Pants Up, It’ll Help Ya Run Faster. Elly! Come Get My Chanclas! Cinna: 0-0
  10. Me: Ok, I Hope You Enjoyed These Vines! There Will Be A Possibly Create A Part 4! BOI!

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