Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 6)

Part 6 of my Amethyst Winglet story! If you're not quite up-to-date on the full story, click on my name below and there you'll find Amethyst Winglet parts 1-5. Take those quizzes BEFORE taking this one.

I know the last one was just dialogue; I made this a little more interesting. Get ready for some action! Good luck, and enjoy! Now, on to the story part!

Created by: QueenGlory
  1. This one is in Caelynn's pov.
  2. You wake up to hear River arguing with Citrine and Wildfire. You stand and go closer to hear what they're talking about, but you get pulled back down by something behind you. You turn around, and Lily hushes you quickly. "They're trying to make a plan to find Frost and Phoenix." She grins. "But they haven't noticed--" she moves aside slightly "--that we know exactly where they've gone already." You look down at where she was sitting and you see some small ice crystals. "It was too dark to see them last night." she whispers. "I only found them because I accidentally sat on them." You say:
  3. "It has to be Frost," Lily says. "What other Icewing would go into Skywing territory? Plus, look--" she stands up and walks over to show you another cluster of barely visible ice crystals a few feet away. "There's a whole trail of them. I bet Frost knew we would try to follow her, and so she left these, like bread crumbs."
  4. Amber wakes up and sees you with Lily. "Hey guys." She yawns widely and the others turn to look at you. Lily shifts uncomfortably under their inquisitive stares, even though they're not directed at her. You show them the ice crystals and then they all look at Lily. Amber tries to deflect some of their attention away from her, but it doesn't work. She reluctantly starts telling them about how she figured it out, and you look closer at the patch of crystals under your feet. You catch some kind of weird reflection in the ice, but everyone's too busy asking Lily questions. So you're the only one who turns around in time to see the giant Nightwing leap down from the cliffs and dive at Wildfire. You:
  5. At the last moment, he changes course and grabs you instead. You shove him off, and he lunges at you again. You let out a yell and:
  6. He reels back, growling. Everyone else turns around and Wildfire sets him on fire. He stumbles back, shouting, batting his wings to try and put out the fire. River slams the pool with her tail and the water splashes on him, putting out the fire. You:
  7. River starts threatening to shove him in the pool, and Wildfire snorts, probably remembering that she'd threatened him the same way. The Nightwing, however, just tries to spit fire at her face and growls that it's none of her business. You say:
  8. He laughs. "You. Rainwing." You step back, but then see that he's looking at Lily. "I've seen you before." She glares at him, then breathes a jet of fire at his tail. He yelps. "Let me go, Seawing! I'll leave you guys alone, okay?" River fixes him with a glare as well. "I don't think so."
  9. "Leave us alone." Lily snarls at him. He flinches away from her. "You wanna know where you've seen me before? Your stupid tribe kept me prisoner for weeks in your stupid volcano. Weren't you my personal guard?" River gives her a bewildered look, and lets the Nightwing up. As soon as he's free, he scrambles out of reach, and just like that, he's gone. Lily bares her teeth and makes as if to chase him, but Amber grabs her shoulder. "Lily, no. It's not worth it." She looks back and you can see her gaze soften. She casts another look in the direction the Nightwing went. "He's not going to the rainforest. I think he must be one of the rogue ones, you know, who refused to accept Queen Glory as their queen?" You nod. Citrine stares after him thoughtfully, but Wildfire snarls. "We should go after him! What if he has Phoenix?" Lily shakes her head. "I'm pretty sure Frost and Phoenix were kidnapped by the same dragon." Citrine agrees. You turn back to the patches of ice crystals. Amber breathes a plume of fire out in the direction the ice crystals were going, and a couple more bluish-white twinkles appear further off. "Let's go." River starts walking, beckoning the rest of you with her tail.
  10. Everyone starts heading out in that direction, and it doesn't take very long before you start noticing big blackened splotches all over the mountain, as if someone had tried to burn it down. In front of you, Citrine and Wildfire let out matching cries of dismay. You push forward to see that the ice-crystal trail had ended.
  11. And then...
  12. ... you stay on the lookout for Part 7.

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