Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 4)

Part 4 is here! (One good thing about this quarantine is that I don't really have much to do besides be on my computer all day, so you don't have to wait very long between quizzes!)

Hey! Again, this is part 4 of the Amethyst Winglet series, so if you haven't taken parts 1-3, click on my name below and take them BEFORE taking this one! VERY IMPORTANT.

Created by: QueenGlory
  1. So when we last ended, Tsunami had just told everyone to get in their winglets, right?
  2. This one's in Frost's pov!
  3. You get into your winglet--Amethyst Winglet--and when you look around at the other dragons in your group, you see Citrine, your half-sister, and the four dragons that went off to see that Sandwing last night. You shoot River a glare, sure that she was the one behind that little expedition. Caelynn and Amber are chatting; they're both pretty annoyingly cheerful, and Lily's trying to hide in the shadows, probably hoping you won't notice her. Citrine sees you and flashes a bright smile. You say:
  4. Caelynn immediately starts trying to persuade the group to go off on an adventure. You say:
  5. No matter what you say, Caelynn manages to convince the rest of the winglet of her idea, and you all start flying in the same direction that they flew last night. River takes the lead again, and Lily goes up to talk to Amber. Citrine lingers by your side. You fly past where you had landed before and follow the Claws of the Clouds mountains. "Where are we going?" Citrine asks River. She doesn't respond. You look up to where she should be, and she's not there. "Cay! Amber! Lily!" Citrine shouts. They look back at you. "Where's River?" Amber asks her.
  6. Everyone lands, and you notice that you're almost in Skywing territory, very close to the Dragonets of Destiny's hiding place in the mountain. "Okay, where's River?" Citrine says again. "I though she was in front. Didn't you guys see anything?" Amber, Lily and Cay all shook their heads. Sudden;y, you hear a shout from the right. You look over at where it came from and see a flash of blue and a big jet of flame before a Skywing leaps into view. Then, as soon as he appeared, he vanishes again. You hear another shout of "GERROFFME!" and then everything is silent.
  7. You run over to the last place you saw the Skywing, and you see that it's River, facing off against him. You look behind you and see the rest of your winglet hurrying after you, and then you feel blistering heat on your back. You spin around, frostbreath readied at the back of your throat, but River grabs the attacker and slams his head with her powerful tail. He falls unconscious and River looks at you. You say to her:
  8. She nods, out of breath. She gestures at the Skywing and says, "He just grabbed me out of the sky, came out of nowhere." "We should get out of here before we get ambushed again," Amber interjected. "SOmeone could get hurt." "Yeah," Cay agreed. "Hey, Lily, where'd you go?" She turns around, looking for the quiet little Rainwing. Lily emerges from the shadow of a large cliff. "I think we should see why he attacked us," she suggested, and Amber agreed immediately.
  9. You drag the Skywing to a nearby pool where River splashes water over his head. He jerks to life, sputtering, and you leap back, hissing as you get ready to frost-breath him. "Frost, no." Citrine warns you. The Skywing watches you, his eyes filled with terror. River yanks off his gag while telling him not to DARE try and set any of us on fire or I swear by the moons I'll shove you in this pool and not take you out until you've stopped moving. "Who are you, and why did you attack River?" Amber cut in, clearly worried that River would follow through on this threat. He tells you that his name is Wildfire and that he attacked you because he wanted to make sure he and his sister were safe from you. He looks pointedly at you and River, and you growl, irritated. You say:
  10. "Why are you in Skywing territory, anyway?" he asks suspiciously. You open your mouth, but Citrine cuts in before you can say anything. "We're students at Jade Mountain Academy. We're just on a little exploration right now; we didn't mean to be intruding." He visibly relaxes as he looks over all of you again, fixing a curious stare on Citrine. "You're a Skywing hybrid, aren't you?" His tone wasn't hostile anymore, just curious. She glances at you and nods, a little perplexed. "Yeah. She's my half-sister." She gestures at you, and he turns to look at you. "Huh. Interesting." he says.
  11. "So who's your sister?" Amber asks. Wildfire smiles. "Phoenix, where are you?" he calls. Amber and Caelynn start looking around, trying to spot the red/orange colors of a Skywing hiding in the cliffs. "You shouldn't have done that!" a voice calls from behind you. You spin around, flaring your wings menacingly. The little Skywing flinches, but stays where she is. She looks at Wildfire. "They would have kept going if you hadn't grabbed River." Wildfire shrugs. You give her a once-over. She looks like she's only about five years old, with bright red scales and unnerving deep purple eyes. You note that she seems to keep her tail tucked by her and her wings folded, almost as if she's afraid to touch anything. You step closer to her and she edges away, but not before you feel heat wash through your wings. You think:
  12. "Don't touch me," she tells you. "I'll set you on fire." You narrow your eyes, interpreting that as a threat, but you hear a gasp from Citrine. "Oh, of course. You have firescales!" She nods. "Phoenix. Nice to meet you guys." She watches you carefully as you move past her. Citrine quietly says something to River. "You guys, we should get back to Jade Mountain," the Seawing announces. Amber and Lily awwww simultaneously, then look at each other in surprise. Caelynn sighs. "Right when things get interesting. Of course." she mutters, but turns and follows River and Citrine as they lift off in the direction that you came from. You say:
  13. You follow Amber and Lily as they leave, and the six of you fly back to Jade Mountain together. You see Amber chatting with Caelynn, and Lily lingers behind them, looking at Amber wistfully. You:
  14. When you get back to Jade Mountain, you see Tsunami and Sunny outside, looking around. As you get closer, you can catch snippets of their conversation. "...sure they'll come back at some point," Sunny says. "Yeah, right, just like the missing Rainwings," Tsunami grumbles. "Where could they have gone? No one's seen them all day!" Sunny looks up and sees you. "Found them." Tsunami turns around and looks at you. "Amethyst Winglet, WHERE in the THREE MOONS have you BEEN?" She's furious. "Come on, this way." You bristle, not at all liking being told what to do, but Citrine nudges you, giving you a meaningful glance and you glare at Tsunami's back. You follow her into an empty room, where she proceeds to yell at you for a solid ten minutes. You say:
  15. River cuts in before you can say anything and explains what happened (leaving out meeting Wildfire and Phoenix) and apologizes to Tsunami. She heaves a sigh and tells you to go to your rooms. "If you leave like that again, I SWEAR I'll..." She shoves past you, grumbling under her breath. You growl and make your way back to your room. That night, you hear something outside your room. You get up to go see what it is and you see:
  17. Watch out for part 5!

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