Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 10)

Part Ten! If you've stumbled upon this by accident, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ. It is part of a series of quizzes I have made, so click on my name (QueenGlory) below and you'll find all the rest of the Amethyst Winglet quizzes. DO THOSE FIRST.

Aaaaaaand I have nothing more to say. Skip this second paragraph and move on to the story part. aleiugal cuhermot;l erwtect'piyumot e945fy3cmetmiuctmelgc jsdageiy

Created by: QueenGlory
  1. River's pov!
  2. You creep closer to the thing in the shadows. You hear Frost hiss, "Rainwings," behind you, and you glance back, but don't see anything. Then you turn back to the thing and lean in to look closer.
  3. But nothing happens. You frown at it, confused. "I can't tell what it is." Suddenly, Caelynn appears out of nowhere right next to you and prods it with her talon. It springs to life and grabs her, stabbing something through her wing. It's a scavenger!
  4. It drives its claw into Caelynn's wing and embeds it in a crack in the side of the tunnel wall, trapping the Rainwing there. "Cay!" Amber shouts. Lily appears and grabs the scavenger in her talons, but it hisses menacingly at her and she drops it in surprise. Caelynn pulls at the claw, but it's stuck firmly in the stone. The scavenger looks at her and laughs triumphantly, then yanks the claw out with one easy tug. Caelynn collapses to the ground, and you see that her wing has been torn to shreds. Frost sighs from behind you and steps up, exhaling an icy blast at the scavenger. It blocks the frostbreath with its claw, dropping it with a loud clattering sound that seems to echo through the entire tunnel. Frost opens her mouth to do it again, but before she can, the scavenger bursts into flame and shrieks, a loud, high-pitched noise that rips through your eardrums with such intensity that it almost feels like someone stabbed their talon in your ear. Then it crumbles before your eyes, to reveal Phoenix standing right behind it. You say...
  5. She glances down, then shrugs unapologetically. "Hey, at least it got cremated," she says drily. "Isn't that better than becoming an ice sculpture for the next thousand years?" Frost huffs. "Fine." You...
  6. "We should get out of here," Citrine says. Lily agrees, but Phoenix shakes her head. "I found something. Further down the tunnel. I think it might be where Wildfire's going." Citrine shakes her head and opens her mouth to say something, but Amber interrupts her. "Let's go." Citrine looks at her in surprise. Amber glances at her, then shrugs. "What? Do we have a better plan?" You look at Caelynn, who's gotten to her feet and is being supported by Lily. She nods weakly and you sigh. "What did you find, Phoenix?" you ask. She points down the tunnel. "Come on." she says, before slipping further into the darkness. You can barely see her ahead of you, but you and everyone else follow her.
  7. After a few minutes of walking, Phoenix stops, and you barely avoid crashing into her. She looks back at you in surprise. "Sorry," she says. Then she points at something. When you look closer, you realize that it's a talon print. She puts her foot next to it, showing that it's almost the same as hers, but a little bigger. "Wildfire," she confirms. "And look." Heading down the tunnel are more prints. "He's in here. Wildfire!" she calls suddenly. "Wildfire, where are you?" She starts to run down the tunnel, and Citrine starts after her. "Phoenix, stop! You don't know what's down there!"
  8. As you start running too, Lily shouts, "Wait!" You stop and turn to look at her and Caelynn. Lily nudges her, but she doesn't move. "She just passed out. Someone needs to carry her." Frost performs a greatly exaggerated eye roll. "Not me," she grumbles, then starts off after Citrine and Phoenix. You sigh. "I'll do it." Amber and Lily help pull Caelynn up onto your back, and you start walking. After a while, you start to see some light on the other end. "Look!" Amber shouts excitedly. "The end of the tunnel!" You say:
  9. As you step outside, you see a couple of dragons in the distance, but you can't make out who they are. Caelynn lifts her head up and squints at them. "Who's that?" she asks. Frost shrugs. "Looks like a Skywing and a Mudwing to me." "Wildfire!" Phoenix says excitedly. "Let's go!" "Wait!" Citrine says. "We don't know if it's Wildfire. We ARE in Skywing territory. It could be someone else." You say...
  10. You step out and the Skywing catches sight of you. Then he starts flying directly at you. "Crap! They saw us." Frost yells. "Incoming!" Caelynn says, and you duck. The Skywing doesn't attack you, though. He lands just in front of you and Phoenix gasps. "Wildfire! You're okay!"
  11. Stay on the lookout for Part 11!
  12. Who do you think you are?

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