Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 8)

Part 8 is here! If you haven't already taken the Amethyst Winglet quizzes parts 1-7, go take them now. Just click on my name below these paragraphs and you should find them all there.

Do you really need to keep reading this stuff? I think by now you should know the deal. This story's really cool, read it and answer the questions, I think you'll enjoy this part, blah blah blah.

Created by: QueenGlory
  1. This one is in the pov of...
  2. If you answered Lily on the last one, you're right. DON'T go back and change your answer, please. This isn't a one-correct-answer kind of quiz.
  3. So, when we left off, you were in Amber's point of view and chose either to go with Lily, River and Wildfire to find Phoenix, or with Citrine and Cay to find Frost.
  4. So this time, you're with Wildfire and River. Frost comes out after freezing the strange Skywing. "This smoke-breather grabbed me from Jade Mountain," she says, kicking him. "I assumed you guys would figure it out and come after me, because you're dumb." "Would you rather we have let them kidnap you?" River asks, irritated. Frost laughs. "I was fine." Now she turns to Wildfire. "Some Mudwing dragged your sister along with me through the canyon, but we got separated. Sorry." She shrugs, not looking very sorry. Wildfire growls. You say:
  5. Frost looks around hopefully. "Where's Citrine?" "We split up. She and Caelynn went looking for you. We thought Phoenix had gone this way," you tell her. She looks at you, then behind her. "Well," she says, "let's go find them. Maybe they've found Phoenix by now." River stops her. "Wait. The plan was, when we'd found who we're looking for, we go back and wait for them to show up. They might already be there, waiting for us. Anyway, charging through a canyon seems like a good way to get lost." "Well, you were looking for Phoenix, right?" Frost says with a sly smile. "I don't know about you, but it looks to me like you still haven't found her, so let's do that." Wildfire bobs his head eagerly. "Yes. Yes. Let's find her. Come on, let's go!" You:
  6. River sighs, exasperated, and turns back the way you came. "Fine. Come on." You all follow her, winding your way back through the canyons. "Can't we just fly over?" Wildfire asks. River doesn't even slow down. "Nope. We're trying to catch whoever kidnapped Phoenix by surprise. If we fly over the canyons, they'll see us and bam, we've all been set on fire." Frost nods. "You're probably right about that, but I bet he could fly up and scout around." She points at Wildfire. "He's a Skywing. This is his territory, so no one'd think it was weird if he was flying around over the canyons." River agrees grudgingly, and Wildfire shoots up into the air. Frost and River watch him. You're studying the scorch marks that are scattered around the walls of the canyon, but Wildfire shouts suddenly. You glance up just in time to see him get tackled by a Mudwing. "That's the same Mudwing that grabbed Phoenix!" Frost exclaims. "She must be around here somewhere." You:
  7. River flies up and grabs the Mudwing out of the sky before Wildfire can shoot flames at him. "He's fireproof, idiot!" Frost shouts. "That won't do anything to him." Wildfire glares at her. "Why did you want her back, again?" he asks you. You say:
  8. River lands by the grumbling Mudwing with a thump. "What are you doing here?" she snarls, and the same time that Wildfire grabs him and shakes him, yelling, "Where's my sister? What did you do to her?" The Mudwing smacks Wildfire away. "Don't know anything 'bout your sister," he growls. What do you want with me?" "You attacked us," Frost points out. "And I know I saw you with that little Skywing. Where is she?" "What, you mean the firescales? My friend's got her. They're probably already gone." He chuckles menacingly. "You'll never get her back now." Wildfire's face twists with fury, and whacks the Mudwing in the face. "You're lying!" He shakes his head. "You and your friend... who is also fireproof?" Frost asks. He laughs. "No, just my friend." "Then you won't be immune to what I'm going to do to you next," Wildfire hisses.
  9. The Mudwing backs away from Wildfire, terrified. "Enough!" River booms, stepping between them. "We don't need to set him on fire, Wildfire. You've made your point, now let's find your sister. And YOU--" She turns to face the Mudwing. "--are going to show us where she's going. Clear?" He nods quickly. "Then show us where your FRIEND is taking her." She yanks him to his feet and shoves him, and he takes off into the air. Wildfire immediately darts after him. "Follow him! Quick!" Frost shouts, beckoning you with her wing. You all trail the Mudwing as he winds through the mountains. "Where is he going?" Wildfire shouts, but it's lost in the howling wind. You only hear it because you're flying closest to him. You:
  10. Suddenly, a flash of yellow catches your gaze. "Guys, wait!" You dive out of the wind and into the valley below to find a surprise waiting for you.
  11. Watch for Part 9 to find out what it is!
  12. After taking these quizzes eight times (counting this one even though you haven't gotten results yet), who do you think you are?

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