Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 5)

Part 5! If you haven't taken the first four quizzes, do them now. Click on my name below to find them. Seriously. You HAVE TO take the others first. There we go. On to the fun part!

Sorry it took me a little longer to write this part; I was preoccupied for a couple of days. It's mostly dialogue, which might be boring, but it's still good to read this part.

Created by: QueenGlory
  1. All right! Part 5 in in River's pov.
  2. You wake up to a very rare sound: Frost screaming. You immediately jump up and run out to Citrine and Frost's room to see a scorch mark and a patch of ice outside their room, but the irritable Icewing is gone. Citrine appears at the doorway. "Where's Frost?" she asks, panicked. You shrug. "What's going on?" Cay asks, sliding out of her room gracefully with Lily behind her. "I heard screaming. Who screamed?" Amber asked. You say:
  3. "Wait!" Amber says as you and Citrine simultaneously turn to follow the way Frost must have gone. You look over your shoulder at the small Mudwing-Sandwing. "What about Tsunami? She said-" "She never thought that someone would get kidnapped." you interrupt. "So we should tell her," counters Lily. "She'd probably handle it better than we could." Citrine shakes her head. "I'm not waiting for her. If you guys want to do that, fine. I'm going right now. Are you coming with me or not?" You grin at her and say:
  4. Citrine looks at you hopefully. No matter what you said, Cay jumps into action and she and Amber agree to Citrine's plan. You look at Lily and she sighs, then goes to follow you. She looks at the scorch mark again and points in one direction. "Look, there's more of them." You follow where her talon points and see that, yes, there are more talon print-shaped scorches along the cave floor. "Come on." you say, lifting off to fly that way. The five of you exit the caves and feel the fresh night air whistling through your scales. "Let's go back to the mountains, River," yells Citrine. You say:
  5. You shrug and start off toward the mountains. As you near the spot where you met Phoenix and Wildfire that afternoon, you see a single dragon. No sign of Frost. You go in closer and see that Phoenix isn't there either. Wildfire looks up and sees you. "Oh! You're back!" he says. "Thank the moons." You land by him and look around. "Is something going on?" Amber asks him. "Phoenix is missing." he replies. You say:
  6. Lily steps forward, with some nudging from Amber. She opens her mouth to speak, then hesitates. You turn to look at her, and Amber prods her again. "Frost is missing too." Wildfire blinks. "We found scorch marks outside her and Citrine's room, shaped like talon prints," she says. "Only someone with firescales could have done it." Citrine adds. "Phoenix would never do that!" Wildfire shot. "How dare you suggest that she's behind this. I KNOW my sister." Lily shrinks back behind Amber. You say:
  7. He snorts. "Fine. I'll help you find Frost if you help me find Phoenix." "Might be in the same place, if I'm right about the talon prints," Lily mutters, but quietly enough so that only you, Amber and Cay hear it. You look at her in surprise but turn your attention back to Wildfire. "Tell me what you know." he asks you. You tell him about Frost screaming, finding the ice blasts and scorch marks and following them out the tunnels. When you finish, it's quiet. You look around and see that everyone seems subdued. Even Cay, who is ususally bouncing off the walls, is looking at her talons, not saying a word. You go talk to:
  8. AMBER: You go over to Amber and chat with her for a little while, and she starts to perk up. Lily watches you the whole time, and you feel a wave of jealousy coming from her. "That's odd," you think to yourself. Amber doesn't seem to notice, though, and yawns widely. (It IS pretty late.) Now you go to talk to:
  9. CAELYNN: You go over to Cay and she looks at you. "How are we going to get Frost back?" she asks. "I'm kinda scared." You sigh. "I don't know, but we'll be fine, okay? Don't worry about Frost; she can take care of herself." She relaxes and goes over to Amber. They start chatting happily, and you notice (again) that Lily's watching them. You go to talk to:
  10. LILY: You go to talk to Lily and she sighs. She's still watching Amber as she starts chatting with Cay. "Why don't you go over there?" you ask. She shakes her head. "I don't want to bother them." You roll your eyes at her. "Just go. They won't mind." When she protests, you shove her across the ground towards the two laughing dragonets and go over to talk to:
  11. WILDFIRE: You go over to the Skywing and he starts talking about Phoenix. "She's the sweetest little dragon ever. She would never kidnap anyone, unless she was threatened or something, but..." "How do you threaten someone who can't be touched?" you guess and he nods, laughing the tiniest bit. "Yeah." He points over at where Amber, Cay and Lily are all playing some sort of game. "Phoenix would fit in well in your winglet, I think, if they're any indication." You laugh, surprised. "Probably. Those three are the nicest dragons you'll ever meet." He smiles at you. You get up to talk to:
  12. CITRINE: Citrine waves you over and you start a lighthearted conversation, but it quickly turns to Frost and Phoenix. "I'm worried about her," Citrine admits. "I know she can take care of herself, but she's my sister! I can't help but worry about her." "Yeah," you agree. "We'll find her, Citrine. We'll find both of them. I promise."
  13. NOBODY: You sit down by yourself and watch the sky as it starts to lighten. You've been out all night. Citrine waves you over, but you ignore her and curl up to sleep. The rest of the Amethyst Winglet (plus Wildfire) falls asleep too. The next morning...
  14. Watch for Part Six!

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