Embers Part Two

Welcome back to my story-quiz Embers! I've had to create a Rayven2 because I've forgotten my password (silly Ray). Anyway, this is a continuation of Embers Part One, so if you haven't read it yet, you are going to be very confused. It was created by my first account Rayven.

The basics are that your character's name is Liv, you are seventeen, live in a southern state (doesn't matter which), and you can see dead people :P Enjoy and be sure to let me know how you like it!

Created by: Rayven2

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  1. You stand from your position beside your friend's body and let out a cleansing breath. A hand on your arm steadies you, and you remember Bane. He watches you warily with concerned green eyes partially hidden beneath the black bangs. "You okay?" he asks. You nod slowly. "Yeah, thanks. Maybe you should go tell someone what happened. I'll finish up here." Bane raises a brow. "You don't want the cops?" You don't want to look suspicious, so you tell him to make the phonecall. The second he is out of earshot, you grab Grace's body and haul her to the trunk of your car.
  2. You quickly buckle into your car and pull away from the night club before Bane can notice you're gone. The less interaction with people, the better. You make it home, and your guardian, Ella, is still at work. Good, this will make things easier. You lower Grace onto the couch and place your hands to your hips. "Now what do I do with you until I get your soul back?"
  3. You leave Grace on the couch and head up to your room to retrieve the items you will need for a bit of soul searching. "Okay," you mutter to yourself as you walk up the stairs. "I'll need some crystals, herbs, my grimoir, an athame, maybe a couple candles...gah!" You freeze in your doorway when you see a shadowy figure hovering by your window.
  4. You decide to act quickly by pulling the pocket knife from your combat boot and charging the figure. But before you can reach it, the person whirls and grabs your wrist. Panting, you try to manuever yourself so that you can knee your attacker, but the person sweeps your knees from under you and stops you just short of smashing to the floor. "Jeez! It's me!" A pair of irritated green eyes scowl down at you. You gape up at the familiar person. "Bane?"
  5. Bane hauls you up then runs a hand through his hair. "That's my name." You narrow your eyes suspiciously. "The heck are you doing in my house? How do you know where I live?" "I followed you," he admits quietly. "You what?!" He sighs. "Listen, Liv, I can help you. I know what's going on and I know what you are. Please."
  6. You fold your arms and regard him curiously. "Oh, yeah? And how is it you know all this?" "Because." He lets out a breath. "I was assigned to you the moment you came into your powers." You arch a brow. "Eh?" "I'm your Guardian."
  7. "My huh?" You blink. "I'm supposed to make sure you survive to care for the souls," he explains. "I mean, that's your job. You watch the souls, I watch you, the underworld stays guarded." Your eyes slowly widen. "What do you mean I'm supposed to watch the souls? I just see ghosts and sometimes guide them back to their bodies." Bane's jaw drops. "Excuse me?" "You heard me." You put two hands to your hips. Bane grasps your wrists, his green eyes wide. "You what?! You don't guide souls back to their bodies!" "Then what the heck am I supposed to do?" you grumble, pulling away. Bane pulls back. "You're not supposed to be able to do that. How is that possible?" "I don't know, but I've done it before. Mind you, it isn't easy." "Who is your mentor?" "What?" "Your mentor?" Bane demands. "The one who showed you how to use your powers. You stare blankly at him. "The only mentor I had was for kickboxing and trig. Aced the kickboxing, failed the math." Bane's mouth opens. "You're kidding..." "No, I really do suck at math."
  8. Bane paces your room. "This isn't good." "What do you mean?" He whips around. "If Hades ever finds out what you're doing, he'll steal your soul...literally." Your mouth drops. "Hades is real?" "Of course he's real. You never asked yourself where the souls went?" You shake your head. "I just called it the afterlife and left it at that." "Well, they go to Hades or Purgatory or whatever you want to call it. It's the underworld. The Nether. And Hades guards it." "So if he's supposed to guard the souls...where do I come in?" "He created your race to make sure the souls are charted safely to him." "But...isn't that that skeleton dude's job? The one in the boat?" "Charon?" Bane lifts a brow. "Karen? That's a girly name..." Bane sighs. "You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into..."
  9. "So what do you suggest I do?" you snap. Bane sighs. "I don't know. Let me talk to Hades." You gape at him. "You can do that?" He chuckles humorlessly. "Yeah and so could you, but I don't think you wanna do that now." "Well...what should I do until then?" He gives you a serious look. "Lay low." With that, he slips out your window, leaving you alone once more.
  10. You sigh and pace downstairs to stand over Grace's body, sprawled limply across the couch. "You are so lucky you're dead," you mutter as you drag her unceremoniously towards the basement. Cliffhanger!!!!

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