Yes and No part 2

Well... You have all wished for a part 2, so here it is! YES AND NO QUESTIONS PART 2! If you are bored, just simply take this quiz, and stop that bordem!

Yet again, this quiz is for people 10+! Some of them are funny, so you will also get a good laugh while you are answering the quiz. A part 3 will be made, if this one also become popular!

Created by: OmegaWolf

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  1. Have you ever snapped or broke someone elses property before?
  2. When your at home, do you eat like a pig, but in public, you don't?
  3. Have you ever drank energy drinks, got so hyper, you trashed the house up?
  4. Have you ever had a crush on your friend? o3o
  5. have you ever failed in your test?
  6. Have you ever stepped and slipped on dog crap before, or got it all over your hands?
  7. Have you ever Scratched your hair, peeled off skin or a scab, and ate it?
  8. Have you had so much gas once, tried to hold it in, but you couldnt, and then everyone around you smelt it, and puked?
  9. If you were a girl, have you attempted to put loads of makeup, it made you look like your dead, and if you are a boy, have you ever tried to look like a tranny (girl)?
  10. Have you ever wrote in a book or homework planner "i heart (crushes name)" and someone read it?
  11. do you have blonde, brown or red hair?
  12. Where you ever bored, and decided to annoy someone for the fun of it?
  13. do you have an awesome life?
  14. Are you friendless?
  15. has your crush ever asked another girl/boy out? you got so jealous, you hated girl/boy they asked out, and tried youe best to make them break up?
  16. when you were a kid, did you ever close the firdge slowly to see if the light went off, or balanced the light switch?
  17. so you hate attention seekers?
  18. Have you ever angry at your mom or dad, threw somthing, screamed, then aftwerwards said... "i sowwy"
  19. Have you ever lost something, went looking for it, could not find it, two years later, it is one of the easiest places to find something...
  20. Have you ever watched a horror movie, when you were under 13, and got desturbed when blood came up, or when someone died?
  21. Do you like rock music?
  22. When your crush called you by your last name, with two extra letter (example- "ie") at the end, and you smiled or laughed?
  23. Do you love sugar, candy and cakes?
  24. Do you hate girls/boys who flirt with your crush, you feel like you wanna kill them xD
  25. Have you ever prank called someone, and they stayed on the phone, thinking you were seriously a pizza person or something?
  26. Are you an Theist, Agnostic or Athiest?
  27. Do you hate people who are to full of themselves?
  28. When you are at home, and sitting on your couch, you are putting crumbs all over it, and when you are at someone else's couch, at their house, you sit their all perfectly?
  29. Have you ever won on a scratch card, called the number, waited for 5+ minutes, and you were still on hold?
  30. Do you hate it when a teacher bends over infront of your face, and lets off gas?

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