Which Mha Villain Likes You?

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Sheeesshh. I Hope You Will Enjoy This Quiz. Idk Why The Title Thumbnail Is All Pop, But, It Was The Best Image I Can Find On Google XD. I Hope You Guys Are Having A Nice Day.

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Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Which Mha Villain Likes You?
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  1. The Only Results In This Quiz Are, Toga, Dabi, And Shigaraki. (Sorry, I Was Too Lazy To Add Any Other Results.)
  2. Favorite Style Of Music?
  3. Favorite Color?
  4. Which Of These Are You?
  5. Are You An Introvert, Ambivert, Or Extrovert?
  6. Color Vibe?
  7. Goth Or Vaporwave?
  8. Toga: Do You Like To Dance?
  9. Dabi: What Do You Think Of Cremation?
  10. Shigaraki: If I Invited You To The League Of Villains, What Would Be Your Reaction?
  11. Last Question, What Quirk Is Your Favorite Out Of These?

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