What Bnha Villain Are You Sorta Like?

I made this for fun PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT TO SERIOUSLY I'm dumb too so it probs isn't that good but I wanted to put more villain results than just the main ones this is probs really inaccurate too sry.

Possible results: Overhaul Shigiraki Toga Dabi Magne Kurogirl Kurono Mimic Twice Mr Compress. Sorry I didn't add more it would have been a lot of work and I'm lazy.

Created by: Adelina
  1. You have been asked if you want to hold your friend's infant wdyd?
  2. You are most insecure about?
  3. Biggest pet peeves? 😡
  4. During my free time I would want to...
  5. In the a friend group I would be/am..
  6. A common mood I am in is..
  7. Your friend says "I love you" wdy say?
  8. What do you think of yourself?
  9. P I s s
  10. At the party I usually...
  11. Depression? Isn't that just a fancy word for being bummed out?

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Quiz topic: What Bnha Villain am I Sorta Like?