The Gang Meets Class 1-A (Mha) (Ft. Friends) (Part 1)

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SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSHHHHHH! We Met Class 1-A! SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSHHHHHH! There Will Be A Part 2! Cause This Was Short. It's 12:00 Am My Time Right Now, (Cause I'm Creating This Quiz At Midnight Rn) So My Fingers Are Tired. Please Enjoy This.

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Created by: Horror Lives 2 of The Gang Meets Class 1-A
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  1. Me: So Apparently, We Get To Go To U.A High For A Week, And We Get To Be In Class 1-A! Everyone: Yay! Woohoo! Kaylah: BAKUGOU! Me: Um, Kaylah, You Might Not Wanna Hug Bakugou While We Are There, Cause Otherwise We Will Get Kicked Out, And Will Never Be Able To See Him Again! Kaylah: *terrified* Ok... I Won't! Derecho: *sighs in relief* Krazygirl: So, Who Are You Guys Most Excited To Meet? Kaylah: BAKUGOU! Krazygirl: Besides Kaylah. Me: I Can't Wait To Meet Kirishima, He's Awesome! I Feel Like We Would Get Along.
  2. Others: *explaining* (Cause Idk Who You Guys Are Excited To Meet) Me: Ok, We Leave First Thing Tomorrow Morning. Everyone: K! (Da Next Day) Me: *bangs pots n pans* EVERYONE WAKE UP! GET YOUR UNIFORMS ON! ALSO HERE IS A LIST OF YOUR QUIRK, AND HOW TO USE IT! (Idk Why I Used Caps) Kaylah: Oooo! My Quirk Is Teleportation! Dakota: My Quirk Is To Summon The Imposter? Me: I Was Joking On That, Your Real Quirk Is Cobwebs. Dakota: Cool! I Guess? ( I Will List All Of Your Quirks In The Next Question) Me: Ok Lets Get In The Car, I'm Driving! Cinna: .....Remember Last Time? You Ran Over People. Me: I GOT BETTER AT DRIVING OK?! Now, Everyone Buckle Up.
  3. Horror Lives 2 - Bounding. Kaylah - Teleportation. Dakota - Summon The Impos- I Mean...Cobwebs! Derecho - Flash. Cinna - Telekinesis. Elly - Dark Magic. (Kinda Similar To Tokoyami's Quirk) Juniper - Light Magic. Krazygirl - Water.
  4. Me: We Are Here! Elly: *is freaking out* Juniper: I Feel The Same Way Elly. Me: Same. All: *walks into class 1-A* Kirishima: Hey Look It's The New Students! Class 1-A Except Bakugou: WOOHOO! YEAH! Me: *freaking trembling* Um, Hi. Aizawa: All Right, Cut The Comotion. Today We Are Going To Test The New People's Quirks. So, Lets Go To The Yard. Krazygirl: Are You Jirou? Jirou: Yea. Krazygirl: You Seem Cool, Wanna Be Friends? Jioru: Sure, I Guess. Do You Have A Sense Of Humor? Krazygirl: I Huge One. Jirou: *hugs krazygirl* Best Friend! Krazygirl: *mind* SHEEEEESSSSHHHH.
  5. Aizawa: Ok, Time To Test Your Quirks. Elly, You First. What's Your Quirk? Elly: *walks up* My Quirk Is Dark Magic. I've Always Loved This Quirk Cause Of All The Things I Can Do With This, I Can Shift Things With Rocks, But I Can Also Move People With This Quirk. And It's Pretty Cool To Me. *shifts rocks together and makes a heart* Aizawa: Ok, Thank You Elly. Now, Hannah. Get Up Here. Me: Ok, My Quirk, Is Bounding. I Can Send People Back By Using My Hands, I Can Also Knock An Opponent Back 4 Feet By A Punch. It Would Also Hurt Real Bad Wherever I Punched You. It's Like Defense, So If You Are Ever About To Get Attacked, I Can Push The Opponent Back Some Feet. Well, A Lot Of Feet. Aizawa: Ok, Thank You Hannah. (Then The Others Shared Their Quirks)
  6. (During Lunch) Me: *sitting alone eating* (Idk Why I Like To Sit And Eat Alone Sometimes) Kirishima: Um, Hi. Me: Oh, Hi. Kirishima: You And Your Friends Quirks Were Cool. Me: Thanks. We Love Them, And We Want To Live Up To Our Full Potential. Kirishima: Same! I Can Also Tell You About Bakugou. He Is Heh, Someone Who Thinks He Is The Best. Bakugou: CAUSE I AM WEIRD HAIR! Kirishima: *terrified* Um, Ok. All Ima Say Is, He Is Kinda Of A Mean Person. Me: Heh, Looks Like It. Kirishima: Also Why Is Your Friend Staring At Bakugou? Me: Um, Were Gonna Move On From That Conversation. Kirishima: Why Don't You Go Eat Lunch With Your Friends, Mind If I Join? Also Izuku Is Wondering About Your Quirks, He Likes Them. Me: Well He Seems Very Adventurous. Also Yes, You Can Sit With Us. Kirishima: Sweet! Da Gang: *eating lunch* Kirishima: *eating le food*
  7. (School Is Over For The Day) Me: *walking down the hall with derecho* Derecho: Today Was Cool. Me: Yeah! Bakugou: *running down the hall* Oi! Nerds! What Are You Guys Doing? Me: Going Home. Also Derecho, I'm Going To Skateboard To The House Today. YOU ARE DRIVING! Derecho: Sheesh. Bakugou: I AM STILL HERE- Wait, You Skateboard? Me: Yeah. Bakugou: Cool! But Anyways, WHY DID YOU NERDS EVEN APPLY TO THIS SCHOOL! Me: Cause We Can. Derecho: Nah It's Because Old Hannah Here Wants To Tick Off Bakugou. Me: DUDE! *whacks derecho's arm* Derecho: *laughs* Bakugou: WAIT WHAT?! Me: Um, Derecho And I Are Just Gonna Go, To The Car. Heh. *dashes off* Bakugou: GET BACK HERE!
  8. Me: Ok Derecho, Drive The Car. The Others Should Show Up Soon. Now Ima Just Grab My Skateboard, And Make Sure Bakugou Doesn't Find Me. Derecho: Oki!
  9. Me: *skateboarding to our new dorm* So This Is My Dorm Room? And I'm Sharing It With The Gang? This Is Gonna Be AMAZING! Wait, Who Are The Two People Next To Me? *reading names* Eijirou Kirishima! Yes! And Who Is Over Here? KATSUKI BAKUGOU! Well, This Is Gonna Be Chaos.
  10. Me: I Hope You Enjoyed This! Have A Nice Day! BOI!

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