Midnight part 4

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Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. You cry and Drew holds your head up. He kisses your lips passionetly. You can't fogive him and your try not to fall into his kiss. He holds you tightly. You could barley breathe. You stop and push him away. "I can't.....not after everything thats happened!" You get up and walk to the balconey. "I don't know if I love you the same way I did before.....I just can't get it out of my mind......." You look at the forest. You see Clare with her bleeding leg. Jack and his unmoving body laying there. Bleeding. Left there to die by blood sucking vampires. "Do I no longer love him?" You think in your head.
  2. Drew walked next to you and you asked "Why do your kind like the werewolves?" Drew sighed and said "Well it all started centuries ago. Vampires were exploring the woods. We got lost and meet a pack of wolves but they were no ordinary wolves. They could change from human to wolf as they please. They were like protectors of the forest and humans. Something like that. They help us in many ways. They helped the vampires out of the forest. But then the werewolves found out what vampires eat to survive. There was some other conflicts between us. Then the war started. It went on for centuries. Then they finall came to a conculsion. The wolves and vampires ruled from cetain lands and protected them and never cross into any of the territories. But whenever the two kinds meet they fight. Its always been that way." Drew finished.
  3. "So what happens now that your kind has me." You said. "Well there is a rumor going around the place that there is a certain human. A human who can help the two kinds win over the other. Or just make peace. Whoever they choose to save the other kind will die. My father has been checking for human after human. But he hasn't found the person. Thats probably why he followed me. To get to you....."
  4. You sigh. "And you r father thinks that I'm that human." Drew nodded. The door opened and you see the same guy with white hair and in a suit. "Drew I need to see your little friend." He smiled. You looked at his red eyes. Drew stood where he was. The guy said "Whats your name my dear." He touched your hair with his icy finger. You didn't want to but you said your name. He held your face and looked at you vary closely.
  5. His eyes showed a small spark in them. Then you fell asleep. You woke up on the queen sized bed. You looked around and saw that Drew and his dad were gone. You got up and felt weary. You walked outside of the balcony. You heard a crash. You looked down and saw a familar tail. You opened the door and walked down stairs to see what was going on. There you saw Clare. She had a big T-shirt on with shorts and daggers wrapped around her thieghs.
  6. "Bada Bing Bada Boom!" She said and then you heard two vampires get knocked out behind you. There you saw Nada and Brad. "Come one Amy we gotta go!" You ran with them through the broken window. You see Drew coming up from behind. You see Jack pop out in wolf form and tackled him. He growled feruosiously. "Jack lets go we don't have time for this." You heard Jero. Jack looked at him and ran off in the front. "Come on! Sun is gona come up in 30 minnutes!" He said. Jack stopped and said "Get on Amy" You did. His fur was nice and soft. It was warm and he felt like a fluffy teddy bear. You felt his heart beat, his sheer muscles. He seemed like he never got stabbed. "You see some vampires coming up behind you. They are running fast. "Come on you guys. Lets show them how fast wolves can run!" Then next thing you know you were hanging onto Jack tightly so you wouldn't fall off. You felt him leap, jump and move side to side so he wouldn't crash into a tree. You hear the others behind him. You heard their silent pants, their paws moving through snow.
  7. Then they stopped at the cabins. You get off. You see the small little kids run and tackle you. They hugged you and said that they missed you. The other wolves caught up and turned human. "Glad to have you back Amy!" Clare hugs you. You hug her and asked "I saw you get hurt. How are your leg moving if you got shot? And Jack you got stabbed in the back and weren't moving!" You say. Jack smiles and says "We can get hurt but we can heal quickly. Its the wolf part of us. We heal quickly." "I'm so glad that all of you are okay!" You hug everyone.
  8. a week past and everyone did search for any signs of the vampires. There was none. You hanged out with your friends daily and have a great time. One day you and Clare are having your little girl to girl talks. "So after you been here for a while I'm guessing that you might like a little someone..." Clare nudged you with her elbow and moved her eyebrows up and down. "I like everyone here." You say. "But who do you like like?" She said. "I guess.....i dunno." You say. "I'll tell you who I like....Jero" She whispers in your ear.
  9. "Him? But he's older then all of us!" You whisper back. "I know but I like him....a lot..." Clare sounded for real. "But arn't you suppose to be with Jack?" You ask. "Yeah, but I like him as a brother. You know that." She said, "But its only because there isn't another young female to take my place. He is heir to the leadership. I'm the only female who's old enough....."
  10. "Well I better get going!" She said clasping your hands. "Who do I like?" You think. She putted the thought in your head. You thought about Brad. But he's already married. Maybe Jack. He's a cool guy. You thought about you and Jack being together and yuo smiled to yourself. He's nice and warm and just nice and sweet, strong and maybe he can be romantic? You just thought of being wrapped around his arms. You walk outside and see him there. He's playing around with the little kids. He's acting like a deer and they are hunting him. You smile. Then you look again and see that they tackled him to the ground. Maybe it would be romantic with him....
  11. The next couple of days are normal. One night your walking around. You bump into Jack. "Hi! I'm sorry-" You start to say. Your heart is thumping. He smiled and said "Hey its okay." You smile back. You two start walking and talking. Then you noticed that it was a full moon. You and you heard everyone else start to howl. "Guess you guys like th moon." You say. He nods "Theres and old story that the first werewolf howled at the moon to find his love." He said. "I never really heard you howl before." You say. "Why do you want to hear it?" You nodded. The other howls seemed to be in tune with each other like a beautiful tunes. Some of the howls were deep, others where high pitched. Put together they sounded great. Jack turned into a wolf and joined the muscial instrments as the singer with the deep yet high pitched voice.
  12. Thats the end of part 4! Part 5 will be out soon!

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