It Began Around Midnight ... part 8

It Began Around Midnight is the outcome of ideas that i had collected from other quizzes that are really good and ideas that i came up with. I tried to make this quiz unique and a little different from others, but it still has those four guys who you get to choose between. It tells you that fantasy doesn't always stay a fantasy.

Last quiz Zac made you breakfast and you realized that you have barely any food in your house, so you decided that you were going to make a trip to 7 Eleven to get some. THE GUYS: *Kyle* has emerald green eyes, and he doesn't follow others and becomes really stuborn when he or someone he cares about is threatened. *Zac* has mesmerizing purple eyes, and he is always kind and thoughtful. *Andre* has bright topaz eyes, he is quiet, but is always there to listen. *Christian* magnificent red eyes, doesn't give up easily and will protect what he deeply cares for.

Created by: Toni
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  1. Kyle and Christian turn and glare at each other. “There is only enough room on the side walk for one of us to walk with the girl,” says Kyle in a serious tone to Christian and both of their hands lower. “We shall hold a match to determine who is worthy enough to claim the side walk, but what shall the match be?” says Christian in an equally serious voice, but you can see that Kyle and Christian are having fun by the look in their eyes. “Rock, paper, scissors,” Kyle and Christian both call out at the same time. You start to laugh, but cover your mouth because you don’t want to ruin the moment. “One match only,” states Kyle. Christian nods in agreement. They raise their arms and start to chant, “Rock, paper, scissors.” “Ha,” Christian exclaims as he rises from the chair and stretches his arms above his head triumphantly. “Aw, come on, best two out of three,” says Kyle looking up at Christian. “But you said it yourself ‘one match only,’” states Christian pointing his index finger toward Kyle, with a triumphant smile on his face.
  2. Kyle rolls his eyes then starts to say something about the laws of physics to Christian, but you turn around and thank Zac again for breakfast and start to head out of the kitchen. “I’ll still own you,” Kyle’s voice comes out of the kitchen. “Want a bet?” says Christian. “Bring it,” answers Kyle. You’re already out of the kitchen when you start to hear things banging around. You poke your head back into the kitchen and see Kyle and Christian wrestling on the kitchen floor. “Hey, you guys cut it out before you break something,” Zac warns, then he throws the spatula he was cleaning at Christian and Kyle. “Ow! Geez, why did you have to through so hard?” complains Kyle rubbing his head and sitting on the floor. “Well, what did you expect me to do to stop you two from continuing to fight, jump on you and yell dog pile?” says Zac. “Sure, that would have worked,” answers Christian. Zac shakes his head then turns back to the dirty dishes. You turn back around. “Boys,” you say rolling your eyes. “And what’s that supposed to mean?” you hear Kyle and Christian call out of the kitchen.
  3. “Um, uh … nothing,” you call back, blushing. “Are you sure?” asks Kyle in a suspicious tone, though you can hear the amusement in his voice. “Uh, yeah,” you answer, and then you hurry off toward and up the stairs. Once you reach the top of the stairs you head into the bathroom and brush your teeth and hair. After you finish brushing your hair you walk into your room and close the door. You decide to change into a pair of jeans and your favorite T-shirt. Before you head out of your bedroom you stop in front of your full length mirror. You notice that the skin under your eyes is starting to have a dark color to it from lack of sleep. But your eyes seem to be filled with life, like someone would be able to look into them and see all the emotion that you’ve felt over the past few days. You then notice your skin; it seems to almost have a shine to it. You raise your hand to your cheek; your skin is soft and smooth under your fingers. You hear a soft knock on your door. You tear your eyes away from your reflection and look at your closed bedroom.
  4. “Hey ______? It’s Christian.” You hurry toward the door almost tripping in the process. “______?” Your hand reaches the doorknob and you open the door to see Christian standing there with a concerned look on his face. “Yeah?” you ask. “Are you okay? I mean I heard…,” Christian starts. “Oh, I just almost tripped,” you state. “Really? As you were walking to the door?” asks Christian with a smile starting to form on his face. “What? I was in a hurry,” you say. “Uh hu, sure, whatever you say.”
  5. You can’t resist the urge so you stick your tongue out at Christian. “Aren’t you a little old to be doing that?” asks Christian with a huge smile on his face as he leans against the door frame. “Nope,” you answer, smiling back. “Anyway I was wondering when you wanted to go to 7 Eleven to get the food?” Christian asks with the smile still on his face. “Um, why don’t we go now?” you suggest. “Okay,” answers Christian. With that you both walk down the hall and stairs to the front door. You put on your shoes and jacket. Christian holds out a pair of gloves to you. “What are these for?” you ask as you take them. “In case we get into a snowball fight,” replies Christian with a smile.
  6. You see Christian putting on his jacket. “Do you really need that?” you ask curiously. “Not really, but I’d look weird without it,” explains Christian as he puts on the pair avaitors you gave him. “Oh,” you say. Christian opens the front door and gestures for you to go. “Ladies first,” he says. “Oh, then by all means go ahead,” you say. “Very well,” says Christian with a smile as he starts to head out. “Wait,” you exclaim. “What?” Christian stops and turns toward you, he stopped just in front of the door. “Ladies first,” you explain as you duck around Christian and head out the door. You guys make your way down the drive way and along the side walk. You guys are pretty much silent even when you turn down a path with trees on either side of it. That’s when you realize that Christian isn’t beside you anymore. You turn around and look behind you, but all you see is an empty pathway. “Christian?” you call. You feel something hit your back. You put your hand on your back. You can feel something cold on your back. Snow. “Christian,” you mutter under your breath.
  7. You turn around and reach down and grab a handful of snow. As you start to stand up straight a snowball hits the side of your face. You look straight ahead and see Christian running out of the trees only a few feet away from you. You throw your snowball and nail Christian in the back of the head, but then he disappears around a turn. You pick up more snow and start to sprint after him. You run around the turn, but the path is empty. You start to walk down the path and as you do so you look into the trees, looking for any sign of Christian.
  8. You spot a dark figure in the trees. You stop and raise your arm, ready to throw the snowball. But the figure steps out of the bushes. It’s a woman, she has long and straight, dirty blond hair, and her face is beautiful, so are her topaz eyes. She half crouches, looking ready to jump. The snowball falls from your hands, as it hits the ground she lunges toward you. Everything around you slows down to a crawl. She’s about a foot away from you when you see something smash into her with sound of a gunshot. She hits the ground with a log beside her a few feet away from you. You look at where the log came from and you see Christian running down the path toward you faster than any human can run. He runs past you and collides himself with the woman, as she just stands in a half crouch. They tumble down the path and she grabs Christian’s jacket and throws him into one of the trees. The tree breaks in half and you can’t see Christian anymore. The woman turns and starts to make her way towards you.
  9. You try to scream, but your voice is covered up by fear. The woman grabs your arms and starts to lean towards your neck; you can see her fangs growing out of her gums. You struggle and try to get out of her grip, but it’s no use against her grip. You can feel her breath on your neck and the night when Kyle almost killed you comes back into your mind. All of a sudden you see hands grip the woman’s shoulders and she is pulled back and thrown to the ground. You see Christian holding the struggling woman to the ground, but she stops as she looks up into Christian’s face. “Christian?” she says still looking into his face. Christian has a confused look on his face. “Ingrid?” The woman nods her head. Christian lets go of Ingrid and stands up, she too stands up. “What are you doing here?” Christian asks her. “Looking for Andre… but what’s more important it why you’re protecting a human?” she says human with so much hate that it scares you and she points her finger toward you. “Do you even now what this means?” she asks Christian. “Yes, it means it’s time for you to talk with me, Kyle, Zac, and your brother. But you will not touch her,” answers Christian, gesturing toward you.
  10. Ingrid glares and Christian as he walks over to you. “Are you okay?” he asks you in a gentle tone. You just nod your head. He puts one arm behind your back and the other behind your knees and he lifts you up. “Follow me,” he tells Ingrid before he starts to run down the path where you two had first come, back toward your home and the others.
  11. Zac and Andre(well, he wasn't even in it) were barely in this one, but they will have some bigger parts in the next one.

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