Which Type Of Girl Are You?

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Hey Guys! Im Going To Be Doing More Personality/Character Quizzes. I Went On Forums And Asked For Some Quiz Ideas. I Got A Suggestion For Personality Quizzes! So I Hope You Guys Will Like This Quiz!

Please Rate, Share, And Comment. My Goal Is To Level Up To Junior! And I Started This Month So It Will Help Out A Lot! Shoutout To Jayfeather310 For The Quiz Idea! You Are Awesome! Enjoy Le Quiz People!

Created by: Horror Lives 2 of What Type Of Girl Are You?
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  1. What Is Your Favorite Color (Chill On The Temper Factor)
  2. What Is Your Typical Day Clothing?
  3. What Is Your Favorite Out Of These Activities Listed?
  4. What Youtuber Do You Like To Watch?
  5. What's Your Favorite Video Game?
  6. What Is Your Favorite Type Of Music?
  7. What Is Your Favorite Sport?
  8. Pick The Roast.
  9. Last Question, What Is Your Favorite Instrument?
  10. Bye People!

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Quiz topic: Which Type Of Girl am I?