Which SL Character Are You? (Fnaf) (Remake)

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Which SL Character Are You? Yes, Mike Is Not Included In This Quiz. Neither Is The SL Extras. Just The Main Animatronics. This Is My Third Which Fnaf Character Are You Quiz, So I Hope Your Result Is Accurate!

Please Make Sure To Rate, Share, And Comment! It Would Help Out A Lot I Want To Get To Experienced Or At Least Advanced And It Would Help Out A Lot! You Guys Are Awesome And Don't Forget It! Enjoy This Quiz!! Yeet!

  1. First Of All, Who Is Your Favorite SL Character? (No Affect)
  2. Favorite Color? (The Dreaded Question Ik!)
  3. Favorite Food?
  4. Which Of These Would You Rather Do?
  5. Which Of These Are You?
  6. Circus Baby: Do You Like To Party?
  7. Ballora: Do You Like To Dance?
  8. Funtime Freddy: Do You Like Jokes?
  9. Funtime Foxy: How Pretty Are You?
  10. Ennard: Do You Like, EXOTIC BUTTERS!
  11. Me: Ok, I Hope You Will Be Happy With Your Result! Have A Nice Day! BOI!

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Quiz topic: Which SL Character am I? (Fnaf) (Remake)