Which FNaF Character Likes You?!

Okay, this is the most cliche thing on GoToQuiz.com. Or something else you're doing...Ummm....It's not important. Anyways! Which FNAF Character Likes You??

Could it be...The hated balloon child, Balloon Boy? The favourite, Foxy? The elegant Marionette? Maybe even Springtrap the KILLER :O? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: XariTheBork
  1. Okay, rp time!
  2. You're sitting in the office, trying not to freak out. When, now you're screwed, Golden Freddy comes out! He looks at you, rolls his eyes, and leaves.
  3. Balloon Boy is in the vent. He looks at you, and comes out of the vent. He goes up to your desk and hands you a battery tied to the string of a balloon!
  4. On the camera, you see Springtrap, whose for some reason in FNAF2. He notices you're watching. He winks and does finger guns.
  5. Foxy is out of the cove. He's pointing at his "Out of order" sign. "Out of order" is crossed out. It now says "u r coot" in Foxy's handwriting.
  6. Marionette is out of her (my opinion, don't kill me) box. She is holding a gift in her hands, and blushing.
  7. You notice Chica holding pizza out to you. To your right, Toy Chica looks jealous because you saw Chica first. She is holding a cupcake, and growling.
  8. Who do you wanna get?
  9. Who do you NOT WANNA GET??
  10. Favourite colour?

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