If I Met Bakugou (Part 1)

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Hehe I Met Bakugou! Sheeesshhh. We Don't Get Along. Welp, I Will Create A Part 2! So Don't Worry! I Also We Be Creating, If I Met The League Of Villains!

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Created by: Horror Lives 2 of If I Met Bakugou (Part 1)
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  1. Me: Ok So, I Have A Dorm-mate For A Week. We Have A Week Off Of School For A Week. So, I Wonder Who It's Gonna Be. The Pro's Wanted To Us To Get To Know Each-Other Quirks. Ehh. So, I Guess I Will Just Wait In My Dorm Room.
  2. Bakugou: *opens door* WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY DORM ROOM?! THIS IS MY DORM ROOM! Me: I'm Your Dorm-Mate. Suck It Up. Bakugou: Well I Didn't Ask For You To Be My Dorm-Mate! Me: I Didn't Either. Bakugou: So What Are We Supposed To Do? Me: Ya Think I Know? Go Set Up Your Room, It's The One Close To The Bathroom. Bakugou: Fine. Can't Believe I'm Sharing A Dorm With Some Girly Girl. Me: Ok, I Can Tell You Aren't That Stupid. Take A Freakin Look At My Room, And My Clothing Style. Bakugou: Ehh, Nah. Me: What I Thought.
  3. Me: Whatever, I'm Gonna Go Practice My Drums A Bit. Bakugou: HEY! THE DRUMS ARE MY INSTRUMENT! Me: Nope. Just Go Get Your Room Set Up, I'm Tired Of Hearing Your Voice. Bakugou: *grunts* Me: *plops on couch* *sighs* I Think I'm Gonna Just Make Some Spicy Orange Chicken And Rice For Dinner. Bakugou: *peeks around corner* Make.It.NOW. Me: 0-0 God Chill.
  4. (Later) Me: Ok Bakugou! The Food Is Ready! Bakugou: *dashes to the table* Me: Jeez. I Made The Chicken Extra Spicy So I Can See You Cry For Once. Bakugou: I'M NOT CRYING! MY EYES ARE JUST WATERING FROM THE SPICINESS! Me: Then How Come My Eyes Don't Water? *eats piece of chicken* Bakugou: WELL IDK! DO YOU THINK I CARE?! Me: Yes. Bakugou: OH MY GOD! DO I LOOK LIKE SOME SORT OF CLOWN TO YOU?! Me: Maybe. Just Eat Your Food Sheeesshhh. Ya Know, Were Gonna Have To Build A Better Relationship If We Are Gonna Stay Together For A Whole Week Straight. Bakugou: *groans* I Guess That's True.
  5. Me: It's Only 6:00pm. We Could Go Somewhere. Bakugou: Like Where? Me: Skate Park? Bakugou: Sure. Seems Good Enough. Me: Wow Your Never This Calm, Usually You're All Like, DIE! DIE! DIE!!!!!!!! Bakugou: I'M ALWAYS CALM AND RELAXED YOU TWO EYED WEIRDO! Me: There He Is! Bakugou: Let's Just Go To The Skate Park Alright! Me: Ok. Sheesshhh.
  6. (At The Skate Park) Me: Yo! Kirishima! I Didn't Know You Would Come Here! Wassup! Kirishima: Hey Wassup! Me: Who's Your Roommate? Kirishima: I Got Sero! Who Did You Get? Me: The Nerd Next To Me. Bakugou: I AM NOT A NERD! Me: Yea Save The Cap Buddy. Bakugou: I WILL EXPLODE YOU TO PIECES IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP! Me: Ha. You Wish. Bakugou: *triggered* YOU WISH YOU WERE DEAD! Me: Aww. Right Back At Ya! Bakugou: *screaming* Kirishima: Wow. You Two Don't Get Along That Well. Me: Ehh, We Haven't Gotten To Know Each-Other That Much. Say, Why Don't You And Sero Come To Our Dorm Tomorrow? It's Dorm 313. Sero: Sounds Great! Bakugou: I JUST WANNA SKATE ON MY SKATEBOARD! WILL YOU SKATE TOO OR NOT? Me: Ok, But, Are You Asking Me To Skate? Sero And Kirishima: Oooooooooooo. Bakugou: SHUT UP! EVERYONE JUST GET ON YOUR SKATEBOARDS AND SKATE! Me: Sheeessshhhh.
  7. Everyone: *skating*
  8. (At My Dorm) Me: Well That Was A Blast. Knowing You Forced Us All To Skate. Bakugou: A SKATE PARK IS MEANT FOR SKATING! NOT TALKING! Me: Sheeesshhh. I'm Gonna Play The Drums. Bakugou: Can We Do A Duet On The Drums Or Something? I Usually Play Alone. Me: Wow, Your Calm Again. Bring Your Drumset Into My Room. Bakugou: *grabs drumset* *plops it into my room* Jeez, Your Room Is To Boyish. Me: My Room Is My Room. Now Shut Up, And Let Me Plug This In. Bakugou: You Have Some Punk In You. Me: I Think That's Pretty Obvious To Point Out.
  9. Me: And Bakugou: *playing a drum duet* (Later) Me: Ok, Its 11:30pm. Sheesshh. Let's Go To Bed For The Night. Bakugou: Ok Fine. Me: Goodnight Nerd! Bakugou: Goodnight Weirdo.
  10. Me: I Hope You Enjoyed This Story! Kaylah, You Might Be Triggered At Me Being Mean To Bakugou, Idk. Have A Nice Day! BOI!

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