Le Shoutouts Teehee Part 2

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This Is My Second Shout Out Quiz. So This Will Be A Little Short. There Will Be Another One Next Month. The People Who Got Shoutouts May Or May Not Be In The Next One. It Will Depend If I Find Some New People Who Are Cool! Everyone Is Awesome Tho!

Please Make Sure To Rate, Share, And Comment! I'm Trying To Get To Junior Or At Least Senior. It Would Help Out A Lot! Don't Forget That You Are Awesome! And Have A Great Day Girl/Man!

Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Le Shoutouts Teehee Part 2
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  2. First We Have A Shout Out To Cinnamon_Roll! You Have Been A Great Friend Even If We Don't Know Each Other! You Are Funny And Seem Very Energetic! So Round Of Applause!
  3. Next We Got, Elly1Everything! You Have Been Fun To Talk To And Have Been Very Understanding! I Think We Would Get Along Well!
  4. Now A Shout Out To, birchiewoof! You Seem Very Cool And Fun! It Would Be Nice To Get To Chat More! Lets Hear It For birchiewoof!
  5. Now We Are Getting Back To Old Shoutouts!
  6. A Shout Out To Kaylah! (Sonic Tails Lf) You Are Very Funny And I Enjoy Taking Your Quizzes! HOW CAN YOU THINK OF SO MUCH IN ONE DAY! LIKE SERIOUSLY?! I'M ON NOVICE AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET TO SENIOR! HOW! Anyways, You Are Awesome Girl!
  7. Now A Shout Out To Me Bruddah Derecho! You Are Very Funny And Kind! Very Fun To Get Along With! I See A good Friend-Ship In The Future! (But We Are Online, So...It Ain't Happening) Anyways! You The Man Derecho!
  8. Now A Shout Out To Tremendus! You Are Once Again, Very Funny And Silly! It's Noice Knowing That There Are People Like Me, And Not Spoiled Brats. Round Of Applause For Tremendus!
  9. Last But Not Least, ItsBrycen! You Seem Very Funny For What I Know Of! You Made Me Laugh In The Comment Section! You Need Help Too ;)! Just Kidding! You Meh Bruddah! Now U Need Some Milk >:)!
  10. I Hope Ya Liked The Shoutout! Im Sorry If I Forgot Some People :( Hope Ya Can Forgive Me! Have A NOICE Day! BOI!

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