ShoutOuts Meh Bruddahs, Come on, Buds!

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Me/K: This is a Shout Out quiz to meh bruddahs! Who knows, you may be in it! Everyone in this quiz is awesome and cool! They are so supportive and AMAZING!

Me/K: I also added some shorts too, XD, their stupid but I mean, it makes this quiz more interesting! I hoppe you enjoy and have a good day! ENJOY!!!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: Ok, shall we get started, or do we departed like arted, I'm retarded-WAIT-...this is why I can't be Dr. Suess, XD
  2. Me/K: Ok, ignoring that stupidness, let's start.
  3. Me/K: This person's middle name is "Awesome." (Not literally, but that's what it should be, XD) And her username is Horror Lives 2! Hannah, your the definition of AWESOME! You've been so nice to me ever since the beginning and I love talking to you, your a funny person, I love your quizzes so much and don't forget that we all love you! You've been so kind and helpful for me since I've been on here so your loved by all with your amazing personality. Also, are you crying XD?
  4. Me/K: Now, time for my daring taco buddy, Derecho! Your so awesome and kind. Everyone on GTQ thinks your awesome and are happy that your on here! Also, I dare you to say your awesome cause you TOTALLY are!
  5. Me/K: Ok, going along, next is my buddy, Trem! Your so awesome and kind! You are always there to help me out and feel better and I thank you for everything you've done for me! Your awesome, NEVER forget it!
  6. Me/K: WAIT-I had to stop this program for our new short. Me/K, Tails, and Sonic: SONIC, TAILS, AND KAYLAH TIME! Me/K: Where we teach lessons. Sonic: Then Tails will say if it's true or false. Me/K: Today, WATER! Sonic: Oh no- Me/K: Everyone, when you go under water, you should be fine, just breathe. Tails: Actually, that'll kill you. Me/K: Ya see, that's why Tails is here. Sonic: Yeah, cause he got the smarts. Me/K: Heck yeah he does, now, enjoy the rest of the program. Shadow: This sucks. Me/K: Shadow, you think everything sucks so I'm not surprised. Sonic: Your ruining our channel. Shadow: Your ruining video games. Me/K: Ya know what *Grabs Camera out window* This ruins TV shows...Curse this show, XD
  7. Me/K: Anyway, next is Accalia 123, the Queen of Peaches and the Editing Wizard! Tysm for being my recorder, your so fun to be around and kind! I'm the Gumball and your my Darwin, although we work more as a team. Your really supportive and do big things for me to make me happy, and thank you so much for everything! Everyone loves you so much, your awesome!
  8. Me/K: And neeeext! We are going into the unknown to LucaCouffaine15! Ik your not on much, but still, I wanted to give you this shoutout. Your SO FREAKING kind! Your half Luka from Miraculous and half Deku from MHA. Like, your SO NICE that you make me feel mean, tbh, XD, but seriously, your so kind and loving. Your very thoughtful and I'm sorry that all these things in your life are making you busy and sad, but I hope it gets better and I hope you and your fam are well and you liked the song I made for you! Your awesome, never forget it!
  9. Me/K: Next is KrazyGirl! Your so awesome, your funny, silly, and I just love you so much! Your also a Sonic Fan I can vibe with, XD! Your amazing, your quizzes are amazing, your so kind and I hope your having a great day! Everyone on GTQ loves you so much!
  10. Me/K: Can you help the Wiggles find Jeff? Leah: Where's Jeff? Me/K: Is he sleeping outside? Leah: Where's Jeff? Me/K: Is he stuck on a ride? Leah: Where's Jeff? Me/K: Is he on the Countryside? Leah: Looky looky looky looky! Me/K: Wi Yi Yi Yi!
  11. Me/K: Anyways, other than that trash, XD, a shout out for My_Wolves, your awesome and funny! You are the best wolf I've ever met (Sorry to the other wolves ;_;), but I just want you to know everyone on GTQ loves you and thinks your awesome!
  12. Me/K: And next is Cinnamon_Roll! Your so kind and awesome, we have a lot in common and I love talking to you! You are amazing, and everyone on GTQ loves you!
  13. Me/K: I just wanted to say "Thank you" for sticking around, y'all are awesome, NEVER forget it, hope you enjoyed, and that's all for today, BOI!!!

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