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Yep, i'm actually trying to fill this in this time without simultaneously spamming all 26 letter keys on my personal computer's keyboard keys. Yay!!!!

Alright guys, sorry for the spam lol. I made a shoutout quiz because Number 1: You all are the best people i've ever met, and Number 2, I need level up juice. Take the quiz! Thanks to all people who got shoutouts, and if you didn't get one please comment. I will be making more quizzes soon lol. Since I finished the description now, i'm out. Baiii

  1. Hey, you all! I'm really bored and since i haven't made much quizzes at all, i'm making a shoutout quiz!
  2. Now let's start!! First shoutout goes to Espie!! Espie , you are very interesting and very funny too :) Your art is also very nice!! Good job
  3. Next one goes to Denis!! You are an enthusiastic person and you are also pretty friendly!! Plus, you're funny, and that's a really cool personality trait to have. Cool!!!
  4. Third one goes out to LittleNerd!! Your personality is kind and your role play plots are really creative and unique :D
  5. Fourth goes to Spice! Your jokes are really funny and I think you are very welcoming to anyone, which is a really good aspect for someone to have.
  6. Next. This goes out to AlexFierrro! Your roleplaying abilities are really good and efficient, and I sometimes read your posts, you appear to be really supportive. Props
  7. OH!! Also, quick shout out to the Mods for always keeping the forums a safe place for others :)
  8. Next Shoutout to NikkiFennecFox for being a chill person. I don't talk with u much, but you are really funny :) I'd love to talk with u more
  9. Next shoutout goes to FoxyWolf713!!! You're good at role-playing as well, and you are also a really reassuring, kind and caring person to be around. Thanks for sticking around here :)
  10. Last one goes to Egg! Your personality is interesting, your roleplay plots are often original, and you're just a fun person to be around :) I'd love to talk with you more
  11. That's all for now! Thanks for being buddies with me all :D
  12. Funny question.

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