How well do you know your major key signatures?

Do you sing or play and instrument? If you do, your teacher has probably made you memorize key signatures and play scales. Boorrriinggg. Scales are very important in music theory no matter how boring they are, but have you memorized them? This is a quiz to find out!

Ok, so this is how my quiz is going to work. I will give you the key and you tell me the key signature(amount of sharps and flats). This quiz will only test you on your knowledge of major keys. I may or may not make a quiz testing your knowledge on minor keys. This will be very accurate with your result so be prepared!

Created by: flibber

  1. C major.
  2. C sharp
  3. D major
  4. E flat
  5. E major
  6. F major
  7. F sharp
  8. G major
  9. A flat
  10. A major
  11. B flat
  12. B major

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my major key signatures?