Do you make stupid quizzes?

Sometimes, the mental strain of using the internet is too great. Pressing so many keys, clicking that same mouse button so many times, and moving your eyes millimeter by millimeter to see taxes even the mightiest of minds.

As a result, you may find yourself caught in the habit of making a pretentious, poorly-executed quiz on some free website that pretends to check for quality, and, thusly, spilling your stupid juice all over the internet before falling unconscious. If you are responsible for such digital misomny, (that's a neologism; write it down) this quiz will determine if you are the sort to perform this dark act in an even darker hour.

Created by: Beef Wellington

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  1. What is one plus one?
  2. What is the prime ingredient in grape jelly?
  3. How many ways can you travel on a one way street?
  4. Which direction does heat rise?
  5. Where do you find a dog with no legs?
  6. Why does water boil when heated to a hundred degrees centigrade?
  7. What is the opposite of white?
  8. For whom is Gilligan's Island named?
  9. What do three rights make?
  10. What color is a ripe orange?

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Quiz topic: Do I make stupid quizzes?