Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 5)

This is part five!!! I hope you've had fun with my recent quizzes! I've had a lot of fun making up this story. Especially because I love to make stories up! I make up stories that will never happen all the time!

Are you ready for this quiz?? I think this quiz is the most romantic, fun, suspenceful quiz of this little series! And a special thank you to the creator of the "Which will fall for you" quizzes. Your quizzes inspire me. And even though I'm making something simailer, I will never stop taking your quizzes!

Created by: musicgirl

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  1. When a huge wind sweeps along the ground! Leaves come in the window, and swirl around you. The leaves come up to the ceiling, and where the leaves where, it seems a man is standing. He comes towards you...
  2. He comes towards you, and picks you up. Drake, Kweller, Martin, and Sandy are all standing in a circle around him. "Now!" Yells Kweller. And beams come out the guys' hands. The man drops you, and runs out the window.
  3. "What was that?!" You asked. "That was Harminglo." Says Martin "His power is speed. But he doesn't use it for good." "But I thought we were the only ones with powers." You say. "Oh no," Says Drake. "There are people who don't... well you'll see later."
  4. "Now, it is time to train." Says Sandy. You walk in to the room with Kweller. He holds your hand to show you how to pose when using your powers.
  5. You now know how to pose. It's Martins turn to help. He comes in, and you're still standing in the pose. He laughs, and tells you how to stop ice/water from coming out of your hands. He looks around, hugs you, and leaves.
  6. Drake comes in. He tells you how to make the ice/water come out of your hands. He grabs your hand, and tells you he loves you. You can't tell if he means it as a friend or not. And he leaves.
  7. Sandy comes in and tells you to put it all together. He throws a plate in the air, and you freeze it. He smiles at you, and winks at you. Then the guys came in!
  8. "It's time for dinner." Says Martin. They smile at you, and leave. Kweller stays behind and says, "Okay, I know this sounds weird, but I think I have a crush on you. Do you...kinda...like me?" What is your reply?
  9. He nods at your reply, and depending on your answer, either kisses you, or walks away. You walk down to the dinner table and it's a silent dinner do you...
  10. You stand up and scream, "I LOVE YOU ______!!!" The person whos name goes in the blank smiles. And tells you to meet him in the room. You...
  11. You walk up to the room, _____ is standing there, he walks towards you and...

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