Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 3)

Here is part three! Who do you think you will get? Kweller? Maybe Martin? It could even be Drake or Sandy??? Take the third of many to find out!YAY!!!! this is gonna be fun!!

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Created by: musicgirl
  1. You go into the room, and hear them screaming. When you walk in, they turn and stare at you. You...
  2. Before you can ask anything, Sandy asks you if you've discovered the little thing in the jar yet. You say yes and ask what it is. "Oh, it's the little thing we had to pull out of you. Look at your arm." You look down and there's a scare across your arm.
  3. Drake and Martin smile. "We did it." Says Martin. As he smiles, he walks towards you slowly. You...
  4. Just to make this easier, we'll say you pick #2. The other guys tell you that they were talking about you before you came in. What do you think they were saying?
  5. Well, they were fighting over you. Kweller asks you who you like the best, blushes, and backs into the dark. You say...
  6. They stop you before you can say anything. Each of them walk away. But Sandy stays behind, and tells you you have the power of...
  7. "Water." Says Sandy. "You can freeze things, flood things, and even control the water in the air!
  8. "Umm... why couldn't I ever do that before?" "Because the little robot was clogging up your powers." He says.
  9. Well that's all for part three! thanx for playing, cya for part four!
  10. oops. one more. like pie?

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