Story Quiz (Part 1)

Hello, and welcome to the Grand Opening of the story quizzes, Part 1! This will open up a new era to my quizzes at least. Maybe to yours too! So, I have been glad that I can speak to you today.

This quiz is about a boy, you, and your friend. (Who ever that is.) It is also a little bit about horses. Tune in for the next quiz, Story Quiz (Part 2). D o you think I should give each part quiz a name? I don't know, that is why I am asking you.

Created by: Emily

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  1. One day your friend ____ and you decide you want to go visit the stables. There, you find a boy, with his arm on the fence. He is chewing .. .
  2. He looks at you. You and ___ walk on. While you pass him, he follows you. He says . . .
  3. Either way, he still follows you. He shows you two horses. Cain, the vain TN. Walking Horse, and Jake, the proper horse. What horse do you choose?
  4. He says you and your friend will have to ride double seated. You look at the boy's map and decide to your self that you want to go to . . .
  5. He takes you to D.D. Woods. Once there, you see two blended together colors moving around off in the woods. The 2 colors are
  6. You look at the boy and say
  7. He answers, "I saw those colors too. Let's go!" He races off and you follow him. After a while you say
  8. He says nothing. You hear him humming a tune. You decide to hum a tune to see how he will react. You hum
  9. He hears you and looks at you. His eyes suddenly get bigger. You
  10. He just looks behind you until you look too. Standing there is a mare. An angry scared one. You
  11. She begins to chase you. The mare corners you and . . . That's all for now! Look for Part 2, coming soon!

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