Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 7) Alternate ending

This is the real next part of this series. I hope everyone enjoys it. I believe I did, well, as well as someone of my age could do on a quiz like this. Please have fun with it, and pretend that last ending... Never really happened...

Are you ready for the real next part of this series????? Because here it is. I hope everyone is happy with it. And I'm sorry about that last ending, that was... Uncalled-for...

Created by: musicgirl
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  1. The next morning, you wake up. You're very happy, and you don't eve think there is a reason, but if there was, it would be because...
  2. You hear Drake screaming at you to come down stairs quickly. You go down, and Martin, Kweller, and Sandy are all gone. What do you THINK happened to them?
  3. It turns out, the guys left you with Drake to call you down, you had to go, and quickly.
  4. Drake tells you to hurry in the car, and drags you outside. You get in the car, and feel something surging through you. Your heart stops, but you can't feel the difference from whether it had stopped, and if it was going. You feel absolutly no control over your body. You can't move anything. Drake looks at you as if it were normal.
  5. Drake hovers his hand over your chest. You couldn't stop him, even if you wanted to.
  6. You feel heat running through your vains. You feel like you can... You can feel. Drake smiles at you with a snickery look on his face, and turns to the wheel. You two drive off.
  7. You go into a state of blindness. You see black, then feel a wave of energy run through you. Somethings chasing you. Drake looks at you, worriedly. And asks you what you felt. You....
  8. Let's pretend you picked #1. Drake nods his head, turns back to the wheel and speeds up... way faster then you've ever gone before.
  9. You fall asleep, with your head on Drakes shoulder. You wake up with a water-proof suit over your clothes. Drake tells you to get out of the car, and jump off of a 150 foot cliff into the ocean with him.
  10. You jump, and land perfectly in the water. Drake pulls you down to a underwater cave. You come out of the water, there is air. And Martin, Sandy, And Kweller are all staring at you...

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Quiz topic: Dream Story, Which Will Be mys? (Part 7) Alternate ending