Would I Date You? (Boys Only!)

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Hello! Welcome to my quiz :) So this quiz is basically figuring out how compatible you and I are. Please note that I am probably not going to take your results seriously as in me dating you if you receive a very high result. It's possible, but not for sure. seriously. Thank you.

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Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Hey! I saw people making these quizzes so I decided "why not?" and began to make this quiz :) Please comment even if you got a low result and rate as well! -Cinnamon
  2. What color hair do you like most on a girl?
  3. What color eyes do you like most on a girl?
  4. Which trait describes you? If none of them do, then pick the one that fits you best
  5. What type of music genre do you like best?
  6. What is your stereotype? (or which one fits you best?)
  7. Are you more angel or more devil?
  8. Are you more introverted, extroverted, or ambiverted?
  9. Which do you like better: Books or Video Games?
  10. Welp, I hope you had fun taking this! I'm leaving now but i hope I hear from you in the comments :)

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