Which gem or crystal do you need in your life now?

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This quiz will determine what gem or crystal is right for you based on its benefits to your mood, surroundings, and perception. The information used to determine the results is a mixture of psychology, mysticism, mythology, etymology, and inference. There are ten different gemstone results you can receive as a recommendation.

Please note that I am not a psychologist or doctor and can not guarantee any benefit or actual meaningful results by using crystals or taking this quiz. It is essentially for fun.

Created by: Holly
  1. 1. What do you feel you have been desiring most recently?
  2. What have you been most afraid of recently?
  3. Do you wish you were better at any of the following?
  4. Which of the following has happened to you in the past year? (Choose the most relevant or impactful)
  5. What personality type do you possess?
  6. What’s your sun sign/ common sign?
  7. What is your Chinese zodiac?
  8. Which of the following do you feel you’d ideally like to do sometime soon or do more of?
  9. If applicable, which of the following emotional or mental issues do you suffer from? If more than one is applicable, choose the most relevant at this point in time. (Please note this quiz is for interest and I am not a certified professional and do not mean to imply that certain feelings are fully synonymous with disorders)
  10. What is your Japanese-Personality-ABO blood type? (Ie please choose your base ABO blood type below, if you know it)
  11. What is the prevalent theme in some of your nightmares, fears, and recent sad memories?
  12. What is your Mayan zodiac sign? (If you do not know, there are online tools that can quickly tell you based on birthdate)

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Quiz topic: Which gem or crystal do I need in my life now?