Visions -Part 1- (Story)

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This Is A Story That Made For Fun Because I Had Nothing Else To So Please Enjoy This Story There Will Be More Parts Coming Out So Keep Your Eye Out!!!

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Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Visions -Part 1- (Story)
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  1. There Was A Little Child, Named Ashley. She Was About 3 Years Old And Her Dad Was Abusive. Mom Knew About It. She Couldn't Do Anything Cause The Father Could Beat Her Too. When Dad Was At Work. Ashley Would Either Cuddle By Her Mom, Or Sing About Death. It Was A Cruel Side Carried On From Her Father.
  2. She Was Always Happy. He Was Always Happy. No Matter What. Ashley Was Very Annoying And That's What Tempted Her Father. No Matter How Much She Would Get Beat Up, Ashley Loved To Tick Off Her Father.
  3. But One Day, Her Dad Threw Her On The Side-Walk, And, Killed Her By Hitting Her To Hard. The Mom Cried In Guilt. She Thought To Herself, I Should Have Helped Her! She Was My Child! Ashley Didn't Blame Her Mom. She Loved Her Mom. But Then, She Suddenly Became To Stand Up. She Gained Powers And Immortality From The Heavens Above.
  4. Then When She Stood Up, A Demon Caught Onto Her Powers. Ashley Gained One Red Eye. Her Body Was Losing Control. Then, Both Of Her Eyes Turned Red. Ashley Got The Demon To Lose Control Of Her. Ashley Walked Away Out Into The City. And Lived In An Alleyway. Ashley Being 3 Years Old, She Had To Learn How To Use Her Powers. But Her Demon Would Take Control Every Now And Then. And Her Demon Wasn't So Friendly. It Would Do Violent Things To The World Around Ashley, Ruining Her Childhood.
  5. As Ashley Grew Up, She Gained More Control Of Her Demon. And Growing Up With her Demon, They Got Along Very Well. And Got Very Close. Ashley Was Going Through The Woods One Day And Found A Lost Woman Screaming, Help! Where Am I! Ashley Ran Over. The Woman Saw Her And Was Terrified. It Was Probably The Fact Ashley Looked Like A Monster And A Goth Demon.
  6. The Woman Hid In A Nearby Shack. Ashley Offered The Woman Help To Bring Her Home. Suddenly, The Woman Made A Run For It. She Was Out Of Ashley's Sight. Ashley Was Only 10 And Looked Like A Monster. She Had Hoped That The Woman Found Her Home. Her Demon Let It Slide, But She Wanted Ashley To Be More Mean. At Least To Adults. Then, Two Years Later, Ashley Went Into The Woods Again. Then She Found A Girl. A Little Kid. Her Name Appeared To Be Elizabeth Afton. Ashley Had Used Her Scanning Powers To Find Out Her Name.
  7. Elizabeth Was Scared. She Muttered, Wh-Who Are You. Ashley Said, Don't Be Afraid. Now, Do You Want Anything Child? Elizabeth Asked, What Do You Mean? I Can Grant You Three Wishes, Said Ashley. Elizabeth Wished For, An Ice Cream Machine, A Ink Stuffy Bear, And, For Ashley To Find A Family. Ashley Promised Elizabeth That Ashley Would Try Her Best To Get A Family. And Ashley Walked Elizabeth Home To Her House.
  8. Ashley Peered Through The Window. Her Dad, William Afton, Was Happy Elizabeth was Safe. Elizabeth Told Her Dad About Ashley. So Ashley Made A Run for It. Elizabeth's Dad Ran Outside But Couldn't Find Her. He Went Back Inside. So Ashley Went Back To Her Alleyway. And Changed Her Style. Now She Looked Tough. And No Longer A Monster, Just A Beat Up Kid.
  9. 3 Years Later, Ashley Was Now 15. A Man And A Teenage Boy Walked Into Her Alleyway. The Man Looked Like Elizabeth's Father. The Man Said, Hey Kid. You Look Like You Need A Home. We Are Adopting You. Ashley Started To Cry. Thank You, She Said. William And The Teenage Boy Took Her To Their House. The House Looked Familiar.
  10. Inside The House Was A Woman, A Little Boy, And, ELIZABETH! Elizabeth Didn't Recognize Ashley Because Ashley Changed Her Look. William Introduced Ashley To Everyone. The Woman's Name Was Clara, And She Was Ashley's New Mom. The Girl Was Elizabeth Which Ashley Already Knew. The Little Boy Was Chris, and The Teenage Boy Was Micheal. Micheal Was The Same Age As Ashley Which Kinda Made Them Twins. So Ashley Spent Her Life, With The Aftons.
  11. That Was Part One Of, Visions.
  12. BYE!

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