Which of the 24 Chosen Warriors are you? (Part 1)

These characters are going to be in the story that I am writing so you guys get a preview of what might be coming up inside of my story. So I hope that you enjoy!

By the way, if you are going to comment, please don't type in anything unnecessary or rude or anything explicit. I want to have a fun quiz and you can express your feelings about this quiz by rating it. Liking it, all of that stuff. Please enjoy!

Created by: EmoHuata

  1. What is your favorite magical weapon?
  2. What is your spirit/totem animal?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. How do you prefer to fight in battle?
  5. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  6. How old are you?
  7. What habitat would you rather live in?
  8. Last Question! Who are you in your friend group? :)
  9. Oops! Almost forgot! Sorry, this is the last question. Are you male or female?
  10. What is your favorite element?

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Quiz topic: Which of the 24 Chosen Warriors am I? (Part 1)