I Drank All The Paint (Ft. Derecho)

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Um, This Is A Weird Quiz So Idk What To Type, All Ima Say Is, Derecho Drank All The Paint. Hehe I Am So Weird! Just Send Me Some Help! I Need Milk! HELP ME!!

Please Make Sure To Rate, Share, And Comment! It Would Help Out A Lot I Want To Get To Experienced Or At Least Senior And It Would Help Out A Lot! You Guys Are Awesome And Don't Forget It! Enjoy The Silly Story!

Created by: Horror Lives 2 of I Drank All The Paint (Ft. Derecho)
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  1. Me: Little Derecho! Im Cooking You Some Tacos! Dinners Ready! Woah! Oh My God!
  2. Derecho: I Drank All The Paint.
  3. Me: What Happened To You Derecho?!
  4. Derecho: I Drank All The Paint In The Garage And It Felt Good!
  5. Me: Oh My God!
  6. Derecho: Paint’s My Favorite Thing In The World!
  7. Me: You Can’t Be Drinking Paint Derecho!
  8. Derecho: But I Love Paint.
  9. Derecho: Sometimes I Stay Up Late! And I Drink All The Paint!
  11. Me: Ok, I Hope You Enjoyed That Mess. I Give Full Credit To The Boys Off Of Youtube, They Came Up With This Idea. Anyways, Have A Nice Day And BOI!

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