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Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Quiz Review
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  1. Hello Random Person!
  2. Would Ya Like Some Food?
  3. Oh! And Maybe A Beverage!
  4. I Have A Starbucks Right Over There That Sells Tacos!
  5. And Over There We Got De Cosplay Closet Because Tik Tok Gave Me A mILlion DOlLArS To Sponser Them.
  6. So, How's Life? Is It As Stupid As I Am?
  7. *starts singing* Totinos Totinos, Pizza Rolls. (Yeah) Totinos Totinos Everybody's Talking Bout Totinos Totinos! Pizza Rolls! (Yeah!) Totinos Totinos Everybody's Talking Bout Totinos Totinos (And It Keeps On Going)
  8. *sings a different sing* We Got A, Number-One Victory Royale. Yeah Fortnite We Bout To Get Down. (Get Down) Ten Kills On The Board Right Now, Just Wiped Out Tomato Town. My Friend, He Just Got Downed! I Revived Him Now Were Heading South Bound! Now Were In The Pleasant Park Streets, Look At The Map, Go To The Marked Sheet. Take Me To Your X-Box To Play Fortnite Today! You Can Take Me Moisty Mire, But Not Loot Lake. I'd Really Love To, Chug Jug With You. We Can Be Pro Fortnite Gamers!
  9. So, Am I Funny!
  10. Bye Bye Nerd! (Just Kidding Chill)

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